Log in Rewards! Really?

Thanks Funcom,
as announced you have ended the event on 06.06.2023. Thus, also the login rewards.

So six rewards are completely missing. Not because we players missed them, but because you can not count.
I thought it was a bad joke to end the event without giving us a chance to pick up all the rewards.
No matter how you look at it, we as a loyal community are always the victims of a bad organization.

I’m very disappointed and I’m sure I don’t have to expect anything more from you guys.
Sad! @AndyB @Umborls @Rooibos

Your Kithur


I agree completly ! and they forget the double rewards for RF…

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Even for an event, Funcom doesn’t begrudge you anything.

As in the other forum post, it would be a small thing to activate the 6x200 shards for the premium players.
Is it too much to ask from paying customers twice a year to get something for an event?

Rewards that also feel like such? The actual events are a joke!

Nice event. It ended even before its middle time. Great job F A I L COM
@AndyB nice work, twitter s c u m b a g

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Did y’all really expect anything different considering the last 2-3 events they fumbled the ball? It’s clear they don’t care about the game or its player base. They haven’t cared in years. They aren’t going to start magically caring again.


The AI is invading :flushed:

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