Daily Login Rewards Are Shut Off

After the winter event ended, the regular daily login rewards were not turned back on (it has been two days now). Please re-activate the daily login rewards.

I just checked and a restart is scheduled for this morning, so I suppose the issue will be corrected at that time.

Iirc the end of the last special-login-events were always delayed by a few days. Good for players who missed some logins, unlucky for players who claimed the reward every single day.

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Winter Event rewards are still showing after the restart :unamused:

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I’m perfectly fine for an extra few days. I was out of town a few days due to the holidays so missed those days and I’m pretty sure there are a few others the same.

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I received all rewards, but I think it’s good to keep this event window up for some time for the people who missed some days. The gain for these people is great (SHARDSSSSS!!!) While the normal daily rewards are mediocre at best, so I dont feel I’m missing out on a lot.

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I logged in after the restart this morning (Thursday) and the daily login rewards have still not been updated. Today is Day 3, so I hope this is corrected soon.

My guess, it will last 4 more days. As you may have noticed, there was one week less rewards than normal…

They should just leave the shards login rewards and forget the crappy other one.

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This is a great idea. I would log in every day if I knew it was for free shards and I never had to do a raid finder again.

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A suggestion to Funcom for future events: if you intend to let all events run longer than actually advertised, at least let the event daily log-in rewards calendar start over again, from the beginning, so that the many of us who did claim them every day don’t have to sit for days on end with no reward at all.


The normal daily login rewards should never have been hijacked by these event rewards in the first place.
These events should have had a separate access, if you don’t want either just close the window like everyone does with the item shop.

I am on the last week of the daily rewards, the good stuff, and I can’t access this because of a completed event screen. So starting the daily reward cylce from the start is the worse possible thing I could imagine.
The daily login rewards give small useful items.
Shards are useless to me as i don’t like and will never do RF. That is my choice. I don’t PVP either, again that is my choice.

Where something is taken away and replaced with something I don’t want - that is NOT a choice.
And there lies the problem, there is no choice it is not optional.

The normal daily log-in rewards are always “hijacked” by the event rewards. Your chances of them implementing both at the same time are about as good as your chances of getting the crafting revamp.

I am 1 day away from a paragon cache on the normal daily rewards. I would rather see them put the normal daily rewards back in the day after the event rewards were scheduled to end, which was the 6th. This is not the first time, and probably not the last, that the event rewards were up longer than advertised. If that is going to continue to be what happens, they could at least let the EVENT rewards (not normal, as you implied) roll back to the start UNTIL they decide to revert back to the normal rewards. Otherwise, many of us sit in the same boat … a completed event log-in screen with no rewards at all to collect.

The normal daily rewards are back to me again. In Secret world legends you get two daily login pages. One for the regular and one for the special event, would be cool to get that for aoc too.

I would think the chances are higher than that given that in SWL, both the event and normal rewards calendars are up simultaneously. A simple button press to go back and forth between them.

I didn’t mean that they aren’t capable of implementing this, only that they most likely won’t. Otherwise, why haven’t they already done it.
BUT … it is Funcom … and you just never know! Would be nice though!

My point was that since they already did it once before, and essentially copied the system from SWL to AoC, the probable effort required to make both calendars active at the same time in AoC is probably pretty low. Especially compared to the effort of finishing the crafting revamp.

Pharren I know it has always been that way, it was just badly designed, or more likley lacked resource and budget.
I misunderstood your start over again sollution - but totally agree with both your points on the later post.
Stop it on the day it is supposed to end - so we know where we stand.
If they intend to overrun, loop the EVENT for those of us who have completed it and are getting nothing.

Not sure how anyone can find the normal rewards worth anything. The mastery books are severely low.

With the state of the game as it is, it needs to be extra shards.

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Not exactly: daily login boxes can be opened without doing raidfinder (rf), by completing any of the daily challenges; fatalities, quests, kills, etc. You could’ve happily avoided rf and used the atlantean shards for rings otherwise unavailable without rf.

Isn’t the bonus during the ‘holiday event’ intended to encourage people to login during? But, some have unopened boxes, and the next event might be 12th Anniversary.

However, when the event is completed and the regular daily login rewards are off, those who should be rewarded get nothing. A long delay cancels out the ‘bonus’.

Daily login rewards seem an obvious place to add incentives. Why isn’t this ‘encouragement’ to login permanent and shards placed to encourage other areas of the game for players like OldChap?