So, whats new from the update?

What does the chest contain, what are the log in rewards and what is this event about?

21 new login rewards, first row rewards some shards, an EXP potion (boosts all types of EXP, AA and so on for 4 hours), some food buff stuff and an epic box (the one you get from the normal daily rewards at day 28). 2nd row got more shards and more epic boxes as well as the mammoth mount at the end of that row. 3rd row got lots of shard rewards.
Every reward grants you a chest that you can open with the conquerors gift buff (do a daily mission to get the buff), the box itself contains 25 shards (38 if premium) and a random amount of T3 and T4 relics (also effected by premium).

So, with premium you could get ca. 943 shards, maybe more if the chests have some other loot options in them.

The “new” event is just the old Midwinter Event from 2010.

So much for correct advertisement.


1 year sub for 12 item store boxes Lol.

what content is anyone subbing for?

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Could someone please tell me, if these ‘rewards’ are suppose to be per character or per account?

Thank you

You can claim a daily login reward only on one character.
If you took the first reward on character A it will be locked for character B, C etc. Next day you can choose to take the new reward at character C but it will be locked aways for character A and B.
Just like daily rewards always worked.

The quest item for this winter quest however is in your claims window and available for every character.

Thank you for the explanation. :smiley:

@AndyB Just a small Feedback on the daily rewards.
I don’t like it, that the rewards and the shards are bound to each other. My DT has a full AA tree for quite a time, but is the only toon i’d really need the shards on as he needs the most rings and gems. Today i had to grab the 10 Expertise points on him, although my little Saga chars could use them a lot more, just to get the extra shards on him.

I hope you may think about the rewards on the next events, because I think a lot of people have similar “problems” with wasting rewards on toons, just for the shards.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Whats the thing with these shards from the login rewards?
What can i get with these shards and where?

Thanks :slight_smile:

wait youre kidding right? everyone knows what these shards from log in are

nope, im “new” ^^

Thats funny because everytime i ask something obvious the ppl. think im kidding. :grin: I joined AoC very late and never played it very active. So there are some things i still dont know.

shards are the ENDGAME currency. you use those to buy legendary rings as well as gems for them. These rings are even far better than PvP rings. (for pvp tho, use crit + no matching bonuses to be safe, or hate decrease/increase)

Ok, nice. Good to know.
Apparently i will find the trader in old tarantia, right?

Thanks a lot!

The current login rewards open up every time you login, or you press the . key to open the window. Every day grants you some stuff (EXP potion, strong food buff or something like that) and also 1 special box that can be opened with a buff that you get when completing any of the daily challanges (killing 20 enemies for example).
Login rewards are account locked, that means if you grab a login reward with character A you wont be able to grab any more login rewards this day on character B, C etc. Next day when the new reward is available you can choose to grab it on another character. The special box also grants some T3 and T4 relics.

Atlantean Shards are used to buy the Raid Finder rings in Old Tarantia (from Areann infront of the Library), every week you can do a RF quest that rewards a box that contains 50 shards (75 with premium, sometimes even 150 if you are lucky). T3 and T4 relics are for the T3 and T4 armor which you buy in the reliquary in Old Tarantia (a door on the opposite side of the library) and in Paikang near the Jade Citadel.

Keep in mind, the current login rewards are different due to an event, in 2 weeks they will be the normal ones again (less valuable) so you should try to collect them all since even if you can’t really do that much with the stuff on lower levels it will be a nice boost for level 80 so you don’t have to farm as much.


Thank you so much for your detailed information. This is very helpful! :ok_hand:

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