2020 Winter Event?

Any winter event this year? Double shards etc

Thanks @AndyB


There are new daily rewards, but it doesn`t give you ‘shard-box’ when you claim like previously for some reason ;(

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Also no Double Shards

Come on Funcom, Turn on the event like previous seasons. 2020 has been pretty ■■■■■■ for everyone, a little tiny reward wouldn’t kill anyone would it?

Merry Christmas to all, Happy New Year, and may the Covid Vaccines save everyone from this nightmare!

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So, I guess it’s best to wait before taking the daily reward.

I heard this is the place where we need to come cry about double shard.

PLEASE GIVE US DOUBLE SHARD. :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree:


Waiting room for Boxes, buff, double AA and Shards.


FFS! People sub for this miserable event, and they can’t even provide that.
Sub is expensive, and it’s like they just don’t want the money!

Calm down Karen


I just hope this is mistake on their part and it will be fixed.

2020 strikes again…

i doubt they`ll give me my 75 shards I lost from day 1 rewards Q_Q :smiley:

what is this misplaced gift that is supposed to be taken from /claim? i dont have any in my claim

please double shard :sneezing_face: :weary:

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Seems like some things are missing.

he might have meant the situation where you claim reward with full inventory

The daily event (claims) are automatic in changing over to the winter solstice.

The process of enabling the extra boxes and double shards is manual and has to be requested :stuck_out_tongue:
Its likely just an oversight and will be fixed in a day or 2.

You get extra days to claim, so just hold off on redeeming the daily reward and you wont lose out.

The winter solstice doesnt happen until December 21st. I think you’re making stuff up.

Then you would be wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

no double shard :sob: