Double shards event - when or if it will occure at all?

hey guys
so maybe someone know this
im about if double shards event will occure or will it occure at all
i remember this happening in past but if im not mistaken there was no special daily rewards at night of lost souls event which occures in nov, so will there be one for end of year on x-mass or maybe for next anniversary or none at all?
what you say guys?

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If, it will be around 20. December.

ok thx for info
so i was mistaken about date of it or occurance

They dont run this event anymore.

Last year, same time, there was this event. So Spannyy tells something strange. And lets hope for the best.

No there wasn´t.
Funcom messed it up.
See there: 2020 Winter Event?

Any plans for this year? @AndyB

+++!!!+++ It would be great to receive such a nice and kind gift !!!

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Realy… :slight_smile: Any plans for this year? @AndyB ?

In Secret World the event has started, no update for AoC?

Won’t be this year, but it’s on the list of things we want to fix up further. The double shards buff doesn’t really work properly with the way we currently have events set up, so we can’t use it until we either change the functionality of that buff or create a new one.

We were planning to launch AoC’s seasonal event (Misplaced Gift) earlier this week but ran into some issues with the build we were working on to fix a couple small things. After today’s mini patch we should be able to at least get that going.


So nothing works in this game :sleepy: :sleepy: :sleepy:

Hi, when the server restarts then i am no longer in the guild. This happens every time.

Best regards Paavopoika

Can’t fix nothing :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: FUNCOM :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Just sad :roll_eyes:

@AndyB Incredible - impossible to believe !!! Elementary things, that have worked for years, breaks down one after another and simply remain hanging like corpses to intimidate people, who still trying to enjoy this beautiful game !!! There is an impression, that the developers are trying to discourage players from playing theirs game !?!?!?!!! We - community of players - just want and need some attention to the game and us. And “Age of Conan” needs only some patches to fix some bugs, that will bring us a hope for some new content than. And it going to bring NEW gamers to the world of Conan. God !!! tell me - WHY not ??? @AndyB

Really great to hear they are working on some fixes and to get events back to normal . Actually amazing how many returning and new players still being attracted to the game.
About possible new content it might wouldn’t pay out to have devs working nonetheless. Though like a friend of mine suggested before, give tools to the community and let them do it.
I know there are people who would gladly do it for free and with passion.
Then have section here to post and vote about updates and just two devs to check over before pushing content to the server. That would be fun.

Misplaced Gifts should be available now after today’s downtime. Hopefully in the future we’ll be able to bring back some of the more crunchy bonuses like for shards.

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Seemed to work just fine for the players last time.

I don’t think it did, no; at least not recently. We turned it on, yes, but it turned out to not actually do anything anymore with the way the systems were set up. In any case, it’s something I’ve brought up a few times and hope to have a proper solution for a future event. For now, I’m sorry for any disappointment or unmet expectations caused for this winter’s event.

Any Shards in the shop like before or anything else?

@AndyB: for me it seems that the same issue happened again as 2 years ago: all characters who already did this quest can´t do them again. To remember please have a look there: Midwinter Event not work for me
Thanks in advance for checking out and fixing!