Midwinter Event not work for me

i cant get the quest for the Midwinter Event
i use the item from the claims “Misplaced Gift”
then comes the message

“You cannot do this quest again.”

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We are currently looking into this issue. Thank you for your patience while we investigate.

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The old Midwinter quest got deleted from all of my characters who still had it.

All characters who already had the quest in the past can not do this quest again.
Is that intended, or does “looking into this issue” mean that it will be changed so that characters can do this quest again?

Also, @andyb stated in this post

that a new Winter Event has been launched. I did not find a way to start it, some quick ingame questions show no one seems to know how to start it. Sooo…where can we start it?

The latter! We’ll restart the servers tomorrow morning (EST) to resolve the issue. We’re holding off on any further downtimes today.

In the upper left of the screen you’ll see a hand symbol and the words you have claims or something like that. Either click on it or type in chat /claims to open up the claims window. One of the items is ‘a misplaced drinking cup’. Claim it and then click on it in the inventory to launch the quest.

Excellent. My main had taken the quest 2? years ago when it was accidentally offered in July. Did all but the final group part. The beginning quests show I’ve done them, but the last disappeared.

but this quest is totally identical to the old or will have some small difference? A new social? Something?

Nah nothing new, the rewards are the same. But there is a choice between 2 pets.and I’d like to have both of them (<< Arve the collector :grinning:)

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hahaha thank you for info. what is the pet list? I have a vague memory of a pet dinner aka rabbit

I’m at the last part of quest where you are supposed to sit, drink and dance next to the fire but nothing happens when I do these things? Any ideas?

you need be in group and every member of group have to do that, is 6men quest, if i remember right

Arctic Hare and Vanir Captive if I remember right.

I also remember that in years past when these events were regularly run, this was a common issue at the start of the event. I guess it is easy to forget to reset the quests for people to start them again.

I always believed that was why they eventually stopped running these old events.

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It is a 6man, but it can be done with 2. Just keep in mind that a group boss will surprise you after you are done with the sitting/drinking/dancing stuff ^^

And, as Piankhi already said, the pets are a rabbit and a grumpy Vanir :wink:

seem its yet not fixed, i am not able to get the quest

edit: nevermind, seem downtime in 5 minutes lol

I don’t think that’s right. When you take the ‘go to feast’ quest from the King he says something like ‘go with 3 friends’ so I think the min is 4.

Drink together part didn’t work for the group I was in. Group disbanded. I deleted the quest and logged off. Tried to start quest from start a few hours later and got “You cannot do this quest again”.

Min is 2 for sure i did on 2 toons already like that

Me too, also did one as a 4 man group so I think the only ‘can’t’ is you can’t do it solo.

You need to target one of the others in the group when you /sit, /drink and /dance together. Atleast that’s how it worked for me when I tried it. Wouldn’t register when I didn’t have anyone targeted. Also with the /drink it has to be the mugs you get from the previous loot boxes from the previous quests.

I think as far as the games concerned you’ve taken the quest already, doesn’t matter that you didn’t finish it. If you /petition the GM’s they should be able to clear it for you if you explain what happened.

Can this quest be done once only? If i try to remake it i get the same error the user had, “cannot do this quest again” it’s been one day. The quest appear on the list of the completed quest, i presume that’s the reason you cannot repeat it? Thanks.

I also got this error while taking back the items for quest “A database error happened during trade. Trade will be aborted.” but still do not work.