Halloween event is not fully functioning

Only “The Shambling Plague” is available atm. “Thirst of the Serpent God” is bugged, and “By the Light of the Moon” does not appear at all. @AndyB. Funcom can you solve this?

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Andy is no longer active or supporting Age of Conan - you can try doing a petition in-game, but that’s all the support that you can get.

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I don’t play this game but it’s sad @@anb is missing a yes for som reasons can not see what I am typing

Khemi-Festival of set (2)

-kill or be killed - part 1
-survive for 10 minutes

Not work!!!

EDIT: Fury

any chance we can get the “souls of the damned” and other quests (for villa i remember) active? there should be a item in claims to activate the questline.

Night of the lost souls - Guide

Yeah it won’t be fixed. Just be glad they keep the game running