Midwinter Event: December 16 - January 6

A bloody solstice is here! Claim your Misplaced Gift from /claims, get extra shards in the group finder, and collect special daily logins every day! Event ends January 6.


Sorry for the confusion! The Gift will be in your claims tomorrow (December 17). The login rewards and bonus shards are still active as of today. Will clarify about shards.

Well it looks like there was a mixup and the shard bonus isn’t going to be active for this season. We sincerely apologize for that. Quarantine brain’s got us all fogged up.

Instead, we’ll be putting some things on sale; namely, all consumables are 30% off (PvP Insurance is 50% off) and we’re putting all the Hoards back up for the rest of the event, plus a 10% discount on top of that. The Hoards sale will be active as of approximately 9:00 AM EST tomorrow, December 17.

Thanks everyone. Happy holidays :slight_smile:

Alright, the sales should be fixed and active. Everyone will also find up to 1200 Atlantean Shards in your item store claims (Under “Rewards”), in the form of six instances of 200 shards each. You may claim this up to six times total on any given account, but you can claim them on any character on your account.

For example, you could claim this three times on character 1 (for 600 shards), two times on character 2 (for 400 shards) and one time on character 3 (for 200 shards). Or all six on one character, if you want. Hopefully that makes sense.

This gift is available until January 8, 2021.