Post-Saga Known Issues [PLZ READ ME]

Hi everyone! Today’s an exciting day!!

Saga of Blood’s tale has ended and everything has been merged to Fury. Plus, we’ve launched a new Winter Event! It wouldn’t be a major update without a few outstanding issues though, which we’re looking into:

  • Guild names from Saga of Blood are incorrectly tagged with “SoZ”. We’re sozzy about that. We’ll make sure you’re all marked as "SoB"s. :wink:
  • Players who had an inactive character on Fury (not played in the past 24 months) and a newer character with that same name on Saga of Blood may find their Saga character’s name incorrectly reset. If you are one of the players affected by this criteria error, please smash that petition button and we’ll work to fix you up.
  • Midwinter quests are not able to be started by some players on Crom. It’s unfortunate, but we have a fix on the way.

The issues with Guild names and Midwinter quest claims will be resolved tomorrow with a quick server downtime. The servers are planned go down at 9:00 AM EST / 14:00 UTC / 15:00 CET to resolve the issue. Please note this may be subject to change in the event of any further unforeseen issues that pop up – we’ll let you know ASAP of any changes.

Please note that we expect a high volume of tickets arriving at Customer Support’s doorstep, so we suggest expecting higher-than-average wait times for your requests. Thank you for your patience, and we apologize for the trouble!