Anniversary Event?

Anyone know when the anniversary event is coming?

@AndyB , any updates on this? Will You be handing out goodies to your loyal constituents this year?

Perhaps a shard shower?
Or maybe another double XP event?

Or maybe it’s time for another saga server… And afterwards, just merge every server into one, and enable PVP flagging on or off… in the hub cities only of course… :wink:

Maybe they will remember to activate the shard shower this time. But isn’t the anniversary in May lol


It is so we/they have some time to prepare the anniversary hamsters :blush:

Well, whatever they prepare, I hope it’s DXP and shards…kinda wish Victory Tokens as well but that’s just a personal wish for a companion :rofl:

Lol, you’re asking 2 months before anniversary??

Yes, I was asking when the event begins.

Yeah the cockup with the Christmas Event was a little disheartening.