Anniversary Event?

Anyone know when the anniversary event is coming?

@AndyB , any updates on this? Will You be handing out goodies to your loyal constituents this year?

Perhaps a shard shower?
Or maybe another double XP event?

Or maybe it’s time for another saga server… And afterwards, just merge every server into one, and enable PVP flagging on or off… in the hub cities only of course… :wink:

Maybe they will remember to activate the shard shower this time. But isn’t the anniversary in May lol


It is so we/they have some time to prepare the anniversary hamsters :blush:

Well, whatever they prepare, I hope it’s DXP and shards…kinda wish Victory Tokens as well but that’s just a personal wish for a companion :rofl:

Lol, you’re asking 2 months before anniversary??

Yes, I was asking when the event begins.

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Yeah the cockup with the Christmas Event was a little disheartening.

Are we still having this anniversary event this year? I see no info whatsoever? Do we pass it this time? @AndyB can you shade some light pls :slight_smile:

I hope for a great event that will compensate us all for those problems…

Next week 13th as they announced on discord

Like @Fourki stated

Can someone link this discord pls ?

About event - Discord

Well, Im disapointed from this anniversary event.
Same mout as from year ago - 12th Anniversary Event: May 19 - June 9 | Age of Conan | Funcom
I hope for some sales, etc.

BTW - @AndyB - Somebody can share info here -
and on Steam too If you bring more players…

Events have been a simple warming up of cold food for years, so I’m not surprised.

You are right - but have it ever been the exact same items? I don’t think so. This is lazy on a new level.


Yes, a bit sad. Nothing new from last year, just flip the 2020 switch.

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Same sh** like at the last Event, no Boxes with Shards again :confused:


Yeah, and even if people say that there are double shards in RF - what the point in this if they didn’t reset the RF?

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Thanks for 13 years, here’s half the event you used to get. Without the half, you actually were interested in.