Anniversary Event?

I might be wrong, but I do have the Risen Mammoth on 2 toons and iirc it was from an event as well and was “used” twice.

Any shard compensation for missing boxes like during christmas? Because without boxes you lose like 1575 shards with premium sub and 1050 without if I remember correctly.


Please dont call this Anniversary Event
This is not an Event!


Funny… I already delete them…

Anyway this event is worst ever…

Thanx for nothing.

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Frankly I always felt the 50 free AA points was the best part.

So we dont get shards this year and no words from devs why it happen this way.
And on other hand we have devs in Twitter that do nothing for game but liking cat photos and post stupid selfies.
Nice company.


Cat photos are awesome and well worth the dev’s time

So let’s see…

a 5+ year old anniversary quest that no longer rewards gilding tokens on older characters
145 or so shards from daily logins and a mount that’s at least two years old
extra shards, without resetting raidfinder for those who do that content, making them have to wait till monday when it resets for it to actually be useful

…and a “sorry we fail to communicate properly, we put a bunch of old stuff from our expensive item store on a bit of a discount so you can give us money to make up for our inability to operate the way a gaming company should”

what a wonderful anniversary.


its another season April Fools’ Day joke???

what is this event?..

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would be nice if we can claim 200shards x6 like last year!

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They dont give a damn what we want. We mean nothing to them

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Well, the few hundred players are obviously not worth the effort. They don’t give a sh*t anymore. Sad but true.


Honestly the thing I was most looking forward to was Atlantean Shards, considering I started a new character and it would legit take like 3/4 years before I can get a sufficient amount of shards. If they don’t want to implement this into the event anymore for some reason, then they need to provide more reliable sources for these shards. I don’t do RF and never will… perhaps add them to more difficult group or solo dungeons.
They could at least give a specific amount of Atlantean Shards for every month you sub, or they could also add them into the shop.
As of right now, Funcom surely isn’t being generous to say the least… what is x10 Atlantean Shards gonna do per daily reward in its last week? These are scrap amounts, treating us like a bunch of beggars…

@AndyB Please consider adding/asking if the 200 x6 Atlantean Shards can be added, as for the Winter Event. This small act would go a long way toward pleasing the customer base!


Its sad, but i doubt there going to do anything now. if they were they would have already done it.

Omg, are you guys for real? Why even call it “anniversary event”??? We pay premium the whole year waiting for small “boosters” like(shards/ epic boxes) and we don’t even get that anymore??? Can Funcom show a little appreciation??? At least give us the whole event “boosters”… don’t take that from us, you took almost everything from this amazing game. SHAME ON YOU FUNCOM

Andy said that they are not going to change anniversary rewards because we’re Just a bunch of peasants


Any chance you could reply to the community?

Many thanks :slight_smile:

His silence might be the answer btw.