15th Anniversary Event

Hello, Funcom/Tencent/@AndyB

It’s that time of year again! Any word whether we have a brand spankin’ new event to look forward to celebrating 15 years of our collective obsessions w/ Hyboria? Or even a recycled one?! :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. Don’t forget to activate missing item shop boxes (and discount them <_<)!!

A Conan Addict

The 15th anniversary deserves something epic. Huge discounts, free battle pet, ability to buy stuff on account and not just per character, etc.
But they’re going to recycle old events afterwards and that’s not even a 100% certainty. Maybe they’ll ditch Aoc altogether, right - @AndyB

Du you guys really expect anything :joy: :joy: :joy:

They might even fix this broken hero buff thing for double somethings.

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5 days to go. Any predictions on whether we’ll get any kind of acknowledgement of 15 years?



You’re all not bored still?

Just quit.

I wish for a Age of Conan 2

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They gave us silence this year. Thank you.

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Wow, 18.05. and still no info… Great

It is pretty provoking that Funcom can’t even be bothered to activate the birthday event on the 15th anniversary. They basically told us to go F**k ourselves.

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I was hoping for a last minute surprise. Really sad that the 15th year isnt celebrated in any way. I noted that another Funcom game was recognized at 15 - 15th Anniversary Celebration | Anarchy Online

Hello @Tamtor @AgeOfConanDev Any plans?

Our only chance is to ask them on today’s Conan Exiles stream.
It’s sad that FC has bailed on the 15th anniversary of AoC…
Thanks @AndyB @Umborls @Mayra

They are doing something new for conan exiles “age of war” lmao. They would have to do something very extreme to make that game good for pvp players, the combat sucks.

One big silent FU!

You can start a petition :joy:

Some people still remember the anniversary.

Just look for Age of Conan at massivelyop



@AndyB @Umborls

The event is not working. When should it start?