The 16th anniversary of Age of Conan?

We all know that FC has relegated this game to the 999th rail, but it still deserves at least a copy & paste event, if nothing original, to celebrate the 16th anniversary of the best game that FC has never surpassed > AGE OF CONAN.


THANK YOU VERY MUCH @AndyB @Funcom_Community @FuncomNews


Remember when we got screwed out of the mount last year

Bonus shards and steep item store discounts should be permanent.

Wow, still no response from anyone in management.
That’s a nice… @AndyB @Funcom @Funcom_Community

maybe it’s better for us if they don’t touch anything, since last time they tried something they broke the patcher :crazy_face:

Maybe they could finally fix it and give the loyal fans a well-deserved event…

Well, they actually did something: they removed the poster and questgivers from the last event. I guess that’s the Funcom idea of anniversary celebration… :sweat_smile:


May 20th and nothing. This is very disappointing…
@AndyB @Funcom_Community @Funcom

Happy anniversary, everyone… AndyB I hope you’re doing well buddy <3

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Login rewards with shards & mount would be nice. :wink: Happy anniversary everybody! :smiley:


We ain’t getting nothing. Lol

This really is sad…

This is why I hate capcom. They ruined the game after extensive bad choices and now treating it and us all like :dog: :poop:.
If you don’t care about this game at least bloody sell it. Someone will do it

Do the loyal fans of your only successful game really not deserve a message?.. @AndyB @Funcom-Dana @Funcom