How will we celebrate Age of Conan's 20th Anniversary in 2028?

Maybe that could be the year we see a proper sequel on the Unreal Engine 6 and coming out on the the Playstation 6 or Xbox XI?

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Transfers enabled


Funcom will fix various bugs in aoc for the 20th year anniversary


i join the transfer enabled option, just hope it will thee 15 years and something anniversary, cross and hope

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Well, let me know how it turned out. I’m really very curious.

Kelrum will reveal he’s been a massive troll this entire time, and is actually Elon Musk, whose donations via the Funcom Shoppe have kept the game afloat and running

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They will have to do another LIVE release event in Oslo with babes and swordfighting!!! +full re-release and support for the game of course

AoC 2 Please!!