How will we celebrate Age of Conan's 20th Anniversary in 2028?

Maybe that could be the year we see a proper sequel on the Unreal Engine 6 and coming out on the the Playstation 6 or Xbox XI?

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Transfers enabled


Funcom will fix various bugs in aoc for the 20th year anniversary

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i join the transfer enabled option, just hope it will thee 15 years and something anniversary, cross and hope

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Well, let me know how it turned out. I’m really very curious.

Kelrum will reveal he’s been a massive troll this entire time, and is actually Elon Musk, whose donations via the Funcom Shoppe have kept the game afloat and running

They will have to do another LIVE release event in Oslo with babes and swordfighting!!! +full re-release and support for the game of course