Anniversary event

Is this event from this year or last year? I dunno I wassnt here last year. There are 2 dates, one from last year and one from this year. This years date is 18 June untill 9 July 2019 but I cant find anything of facebook twitter or here on the website or forums.

The information currently up is from the 2018 1st anniversary. Assuming that the 2nd anniversary follows the normal pattern of SWL events, all of the aspects will be repeated, with something new added.

The daily log in rewards will be different, but the beehive rewards may not be - we’ll have to wait and see!

The page will be updated as more information is available (once the event has started), because they’re brilliant that way :smiley:


Alrighty thanks

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New pack of “Freemasons” agents in shop.

Any info if some of them would drop in game too?

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I’m interested too. Annoying if it is only in those stupidly expensive and terrible agent packs.

It looks like this is the only new content in this 2019 event. And it sucks. And if it is only available via shop it sucks even more…


If I knew I would get the full set of agents by buying the 10 pack, I would probably get suckered into doing it. But far more likely you would have to buy it a couple dozen times to finally get them all.

Yeah in that case I might get them as well, but certainly not as a booster pack.

It is the sort of thing we’ve come to expect from Fu*com though.

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Here is a look at the Agents:

*Edit: Fixed a small issue in the picture.
**Edit: Added trait texts


What abilities do they have?

Good ones. Lots of extra/reduced resources. More Critical success times and reduced completion times (usually both at once in one ability). Eve doesn’t get Fatigue. Some have “major bonuses” to stats.

Edit: I want most/all of them of course. Not going to spend hundreds of dollars on them though.

Is this datamined or there are people who were able to get them all already? :slight_smile:

If you have the Agent UI mod (I forget the exact name), it shows all agents you don’t have yet.



Updated Picture with Trait’s Texts.
Not really Datamined, nor have i bought any.

But giving these and Epic cache keys is the new content we got, i really doubt i will
due to the buyers remorse that hit me when i bought some boosters and just got a duplicate and blue weaponry… <.<;

And the all things i wanted see make a return for 24 months, still being lost in Limbo’s realm…
makes me wonder why i’m still a Patron?.. oh right because the Cabal needs someone to take care of the bank…

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I postponed my leaving to wait for this event, as there may be something worth to change my mind.

Well, the community is great each event.

But there is nothing new. Only this pack of new agents in shop. :frowning:


Overpriced, under-delivering (both compared to similar products in MMOs by leading competitors) agent boosters as “content” again.

I swear, I need contact details for those whales still supporting Funcom. I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell, and I bet I could get Bernie Madoff to offer some great investment opportunities, as well.


well… that explains the lack of Patch notes <.<;


Same here, I know I’ve said I will never resub to a certain MMO that has recently introduced gender-locked classes…

It belatedly hit me, but there are 4 weeks of daily event rewards, and only 3 weeks of event itself. Cutting too close to meaningful rewards, as people who for any reason missed claiming just one will not get the signet fusion thingy.