No more Empowerment Bonus events?

Was just checking some of the patch notes, news updates etc. and seems like it’s been a year or so since we last had an Empowerment Bonus event.

Is that something they’ve given up on or is it likely to show up in the near future?


Close as I can tell, the last empowerment bonus started on the 21st of Dec 2018 :confused:

Hopefully we’ll get another one soon, but probably not for xmas as they’ve probably gone on the holiday break already.

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The rumor I heard was that some paying players were upset and complained to the devs about all the f2p players getting “free” stuff from events, especially in regards to the “all you can eat” dungeon weekends.

Don’t know if it’s true, just what I heard.

Personally I loved seeing those events come up, just like the random double XP weekends in TSW, and not running them feels like a missed opportunity to me. Events can bridge the gap between content and keep people interested in the game without much of an investment in resources. Those double XP weekends brought me back into TSW whenever I was on the outs, and I noticed a lot of faces I’d not seen recently either. Notice that with the winter holidays in SWL we finally saw Aurum go back on the market.

Bring back event weekends! Especially bonus Agent xp! Seriously I’m trying to get my third slot opened up here.


There were certainly people who complained about F2P people getting stuff, but I don’t know if that actually had any impact on the weekend events. There were a lot of people who support the idea of event weekends too, and they’re normally pretty popular with most people.

I don’t know if the winter holidays were wholely responsible for aurum dipping in price a little, as the challenge modes for DA introduced new cosmetics to buy on the AH, the resplendent talisman fragments were selling big on the AH, and the new talis and weapons from the weapon cache also created more movement on the market, (which was really nice to see!).

I’d totally forgotten that there was an Agent XP weekend event! I’ve got a load still left to level, so it’d be good to see that again! :grin:

I’m currently up to 338 Cache Keys, and a stack of each cache saved in the bank. If an Empowerment weekend ever hits, I’m so ready for it! No doubt I’ll be on holiday or somesuch at the time.

There was one absolute crank who was completely furious about it but I highly doubt anybody on the dev team paid any attention to his weird rants about “those people” :v:

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I was in a somewhat similar position but decided to just bite the bullet and get my equipment leveled up. 100+ keys worth of distillates bumped me up about 100 item levels.

An empowerment weekend would be nice…have 2k SA points already again that need to be used sometime XD