Anniversary Event 2022? Arbiter & Freelancer Weeks not every other week anymore?

So, in past years the Anniversary Event starts mid-June and extends to mid-July. I was guessing it would start yesterday based on past years. Are we having an Anniversary Event this year?

Regarding Freelancer Weeks and the Arbiter. There is a pattern developing that the Arbiter only comes “on-time” when it is going to be a PVP week vs the other two options. Is this intentional? Based on the old every other week the Arbiter should have come on Sunday June 12th. It is Thursday and he is still not here. This late arrival has occurred 3 or 4 times at least this year, if not more. I don’t think this a petition item, it happens to everyone on the server.

If Freelancer weeks are not going to happen every other week please admit you have changed the pattern of the Arbiter’s arrival.

Thank you, Emma

Well, ofc while I was typing my forum post the Arbiter shows up. That still doesn’t explain why so many weeks are only three days long instead of seven.

Please reply

Hey hey :blush:

Regarding the anniversary event, we’re probably still a little early. In the previous years, the event started at:

Year	Event start date
2011	22 June
2012	22 June
2013	22 June
2014	27 June
2015	25 June
2016	23 June
2017	27 June
2018	25 June
2019	18 June
2020	17 June
2021	16 June

I do wonder why the Arbiter keeps not spawning though :thinking:

Thanks Saav! :partying_face:

I’m just OCD enough to try to see if there was a pattern to the start date…nope. Most start in the latter part of the week but other then that it’s a 2 week window for the actual event. Probably the ongoing short staffing.

Arbiter… at this point I think that arbiter is manually turned on & whoever does it has permission to annoy us if he/she feels like it. “Once is bad luck, twice is coincidence. three times is Enemy Action!” :rage:

I guess Arbiter spawn was automated but something went wrong in the process and no one knows how to handle it. so they have to do it manually. just my guess as a programmer ^^

wish they announced it a week early so people could plan around it

Hope they have a resub deal. I planned on resubbing since christmas when they didn’t have one then. (as far as I can remember). I know it’s only a few bucks but just bugged me. ya know like … throw us a bone once in a while. :bone:

There was a subscription offer around Christmas, but it wasn’t a discount but a set of bonus armour :blush: Subscription discounts are very rare (I think the last one was in 2017 or 2018).

Thanks Saavick,

I admit I didn’t look back further than the start date of last year and the year before …

However, it is now June 21st and not even a mention of the Anniversary schedule for this year in the Announcements.


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Anniversary Event has come and gone. I am pretty sure today would be the start of a Freelancer Week. It is late again … is this something manual that someone just keeps forgetting?


Still no Arbiter … Tuesday … three days late.


Honestly, it feels to me like it has become an “accident on purpose” thing. Gawd knows there have been enough players & posts pointing out the no show. Latest thing, in what little dev/improment time is testing of new sticky threads in discord (Thank you Andy!):

2nd post was “HEY, FIX THE ARBITER!”

Once again the Arbiter is late for a week that is not scheduled to be a pvp week. Somehow he always comes on time for pvp weeks.

Please put the Arbiter on a timer rather than someone remembering to trigger him.


Arbiter MIA again, Funny how even when he spawns 2 or 3 days late he ALWAYS leaves promptly…

Was going to buy FC points. Instead I spent the money at Guild Wars 2.