Login Reward window / Item shop not working


Window is black or says “504 Gateway Time-out”, everyone seems to have this problem right now.

Login Reward UI is blacked out

Yup same for me, hopefully it gets fixed so we dont miss out on a days reward…


Just logged in to claim daily reward, but the UI is blacked out. Same for all others in my guild.


Thanks for the report! Looking into it.

Still working on it! (10:55pm)


It says “403 Forbidden” for me! I guess I get to try again in the morning.


here the 504/403 error remains for me!


Indeed, still working on it. I’m so sorry for the inconvenience!!


Item store and daily logins have been restored. Thank you all for your patience while we worked to resolve the issues!


Are we gonna get a log in event extention? I was unable to get the reward during my usual log in time and now since I can’t enter the game till tomorrow I lost a day off the event.


My guess is the event will last longer than 21 days, so you’ll be fine.


The event goes until March 12. Also happy cake day @Garrus-N7 :slight_smile:


You should extend by a few days. If it ends March 12, that’s exactly 21 days to open 21 boxes, no room for error if someone misses a day for whatever reason. Past events went on for a few more days than we had boxes so it wasn’t a real issue.


That is not funny


3 days extension would be great. Knowing funcom this issue will return


This issue did return. its currently not working again


Srsly? Hahaha


Tried to login on store/shop and failed, after that my login and reset password does not work anymore.
Cannot login in-game or any part of the website with my credentials.


Hey all, right now it looks fine on my end but we’ll look into it. To make up for the outage the other day, we’ll extend the event from the 12th to the morning (EST) of the 14th.


The window seems to be working normally for me right now.


Thank you, but pls if this continues to happen, you must continue to extend the event as well. As long as you guys delay the event I don’t mind the issue. That 2 day extension actually even helps me now since it seems that I missed the post update login so I was already 1 day late. So thanks!