Anniversary Announcement Question


With the 12th Anniversary event being extended for an extra week to allow those players that did not log in every day and get their daily login rewards from the event … what about those of us that did log in every day and got the daily reward for every day of the anniversary event as we were supposed to before the event ended (originally today).

We will now see a week of a full Daily Rewards screen and we will no longer get any daily login reward until the event extension is ended?

I completely understand that not everyone was able to login every day and you want to give everyone the ability to get missed days, but should you also punish those that did login every day and were present for the “event” as it was intended? Shouldn’t those players also be given an extension of the daily rewards for the event like those that did not log in daily? Shouldn’t they be given daily rewards for the extended days (a week) of the Anniversary event as well?

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So you’re saying you should get rewarded more because your life is easy and allows you to log on every day?

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No, not in the least, just think if they are trying to be fair for everyone … that they should be fair for everyone.

Yes. Fair to everyone, as in everyone gets the same amount of daily logins. Not, I get more because I have less responsibilities in my life and can log in every day. Stop being entitled and take the 100% that you have recieved, instead of taking advantage of others who were not so you can get more than 100%.

I am done. Good day sir.


Ok, explain to me how my statement is being entitled when it sounds more like your statement is and you should just accept that you did/could not log in every day as the event specified. So why should you get 100% reward then?

LOL Have a good day sir.

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Gib free stuff plz


Loaf of evil sounds like the entitled one here

“I should get all the stuff as everyone else even though I didn’t commit as much time or effort as everyone else”.


What a way to twist my words. You should get it for the days you logged in up to the limit. If 21 is the limit, max you should get is 21. Funcom has given extra days, in case you missed some, to get up to the 21. You should not be able to get 21+ all the extra days as well. Should I talk or type slower next time. You kids need to pay more attention in school. This is a video game. Giggity!

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This is what I find interesting about daily login rewards. In all games I’ve played they are somewhat of a “chain”. If you miss out on one well that’s you breaking that chain. The whole point of a daily login reward is you logging in once per day to claim it. If you miss it one day, well then you miss that reward since you didn’t do the “task”.

Anyways it’s kind of Funcom to extend the event so everyone have a chance to get their dailies though. And, I do not think the rest of us that have claimed all of them already are missing out on much. The regular login board is kind of boring I’d say with like one maybe two interesting options. Waiting 3-5 extra days for these isn’t doing much harm I’d say.

Shard me Andy

Didn’t the board automatically get cleared once completed in past events?

Maybe I mix that up with the regular rewards.

Yes I believe other people should stop getting daily rewards, as I have not claimed them in the past two years. It is only reasonable for other people to wait with the rewards

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The board should stay up a few days extra anyway due to the first few days were a mess on being able to claim rewards anyway. I know I had a blank screen for probably 2 days.

As for the login rewards in general, I find it a non issue that the board doesn’t reset for a few days while the event claim goes a bit extra. Nothing there is a big loss anyway. Hell, I only bother to click the button whenever I log in a few times a week and I don’t feel at all like I’m “missing out” on anything all the days I don’t even bother logging in.

Gimme gimme.

This is brought up every time they have a special login rewards window. Funcom usually extends it so some people have 7+ days of no daily login rewards while waiting for it to revert back to normal.

What I’ve said before, and will say again, is Funcom should make it work like it does for SWL. There, you get the Event Login Rewards as well as the regular login rewards. You can always view and claim from each rewards screen. That way, even when you do manage to complete the Event specific rewards, you are still able to claim the regular daily rewards. No days with nothing to claim like we are forced to have in AoC.

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Now you only get 25 shards.

Thanks whining about those of us who weren’t able to log in every single day. :+1:

I do see your point; same point was made last year. But, this is nothing to QQ about, the extension to finish the Community Challenge was more for lifers to get shiney vanity head :rofl:

Anyone subscribing to AoC 3-years+ should ask, how can I help get NEW Loyalty Rewards?
… before criticizing a generous Shard Shower

Been waiting on that a while M8?

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The slackers like me and many others will get less shards this week than you got. Think it’s 25 +50% instead of 50 + 50% from being premium. So you hardcore login every day warriors got more than us slackers.
Happy now? :wink:

/Ubermiley the casual

Why should the way you organize your life have any impact on mine?

No rewards should be given for free. Daily log-in rewards are thumb-generation ADHD participation stuff that should be removed from the game.