Anniversary event short on days?

Just got back from a weekend family event, 3 days… and noticed blurb on the launcher ‘event ends July 09’.

Checked my list, and sure enough, there are not enough days in the event to claim the listed rewards (even though we know the final row is just 2K shards). In fact to get all the ‘item’ rewards you can only miss one day out of the entire event. I’m already going to be short the final two ‘item’ rewards.

It seems odd to have a customer appreciation/anniversary event centered around 2 national holidays (USA and Canada) and only allow people to miss 1 day of the event?

The rewards are no biggie, I can certainly live without them, real life takes priority etc. Just seems like another one of FunComs famous ‘we have no clue how the things we do relate to our clients’ moves.

If I am wrong, and it is only the ‘community’ events or something that ends on the 9th, then please disregard and forgive me for thinking FunCom may be out of touch with their customers. :slight_smile:

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I don’t think we have a clue whether they will disable the Event Login Rewards on the 9th too or not. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did.

It is the repeat of the error we had last year that seemed to have slipped through the cracks. Last year we got an extension for it, this year I am not so sure about it. If it doesn’T materializes than of higher up decision as Andy at least is aware of it but can’t just extend it on his very limited power.

Thanks for the reply, I was sure that on previous events I had plenty of days to get the main items and then some days to pick up the extra buzzing hives/2K shard thingies.

Having the event where missing more than 1 day means you don’t get the top reward seemed very off to me. I guess I just didn’t notice that there was an extension on the previous event.

Apparently ending the event before there were enough days to get the awards was insufficient.

Just did the 1pm Eastern time Talos… exited… and Agartha is back to normal, event apparently ended.

July 8 is the new July 9, I guess?

(Edit: to be clear, so far it is only the visuals/decorations that have gone away, have to wait til next Talos to see if that is still happening.)


It’s currently under investigation. Intern stumbled over the event switch or so…

Did you check on Andy that he didn’t trip over something and is unconscious? Otherwise I can’t explain not commenting on OP’s intial post, you know, being community manager and all.

Should be all fixed again.^^