Late to the Party//10 Year Anniversary Celebration

Hey there,

I just saw that I’m going to be 2 days short to aquire the mount from the 10 year anniversary celebration, and I was wondering, if there is any chance, that this mount will still be obtainable for me somehow.

Thank you.

Sadly I am scared they won’t extend this event for those who are a few days behind for the ‘supposedly’ anniversary special reward.

A similar post has been made in General discussion by someone sadly in the same situation as you are.

As I pointed out there, for reasons I completely fail to understand, this year they have decided to make their anniversary rewards, something not everyone will get even if they were part of that said anniversary event.
Previous years reward was handed out as long as you logged in given a a certain time frame, and was even account wide few years before.
But this year was totally different since you had to log 14/21 days to get the ‘said’ anniversary reward, while only getting a ‘chance’ at getting the other two rare rewards from within the anniversary crates.
So in the end, some wont have gotten any of those “rare” anniversary rewards even if they were around and logged in during the time of the event.
Of course they will have gotten a few extra shards and relics which will be very useful to them if they are still leveling, but not so much if they are full T4+ already (and that’s a lot of players out there)

Now as someone else said in that other thread, that mount will possibly reappear some day at some vendor, RF one or gilding one if you are lucky, but probably not in the short term.

Sorry :frowning:

Funcom should put the lion pet, mount, and cloak on the item shop for a reasonable price. These items can also be found on the trader, hopefully not at an outrageous price.

However, extending the event will never work as someone will always want it to be extended longer. If the event was 28 days, people would request it be 35, if it was 35 days, people would want 42, and so on, for the same reasons stated now.

Obviously their intention was to get more traffic in the game during the event, something that seems to have worked out well. Im against putting stuff that was avaible trough limited timewindows in the shop, completely removes the whole point of those atleast remotely “exclusive” rewards.

If you missed out, thats a bummer, but funcom was clear on the site, forum and abit in advance afaik, begging the cake-baker of a party to bake another cake just cause you are late is a bit meeh. But lets see maybe funcom will extend it abit :slight_smile:

Yeah me too, and that’s why I am so frustrated out of these 21 boxes I have not even gotten a single Lion pet or Lion cloak… I am getting off topic here but I so totally hate those ‘game of a chance’ rewards. This can make sense to sell more of the crates on the item shop (or none to people like me who totally refuse to enter that kind of game of chance things), but for an anniversary reward? Come on… That’s so cheap and nuts if you ask me, and I don’t even see what’s for them to win in this.
But well, I’ll have to get over it anyway…