Anniversary Mount

Gilded Desert Steed


SERIOUSLY!!! Requires a lvl 80, 50 gold skill. Wow, who thought that would be a good idea? I can see a bunch of tee’d off people within the next couple of days.


You expected to get a new mount and use it without subbing ?Think again !THIS IS FUNCOM!

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Look at the bright side: It could have required Exotic Riding… :rofl:

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why do people want everything for free?
why do you even play mmorpg game then…


Why not? If its GIFT for all players - now it’s nonsense only…
Why other companies may give players gifts for free, without restriction? HMM?

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“Batteries not included”. :sunglasses: in the past such event mounts were swift depending on your riding skills at least…

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why dont you play other companies games then and q_q here? i just dont get it.
It is what it is alrdy, they not gonna fix it.
and ye,exactly horse is a gift, but they didn`t say riding skill is


Guys, mcnavy lives in russia, so now you understand why he always sais same things - dont ask, obey, if dont like leave and etc. All russian goverment politicans says the same.

Funcom just failed again, nothing new


Flexing my new horse in OT, feel free to join <3


They just gave you something for free, and you find a way to complain about it too? Seriously? :rofl:
Just get Advanced Riding, as you should have done already, and move on. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This is a anniversary for the games birthday, the game is greyhaired by now and you guys whine that you dont have something as basic as advanced riding, thats pretty hilarious tbh.


Man i have many mounts, i dont need that one.
But this FREE mount that looks almost the same as mount for 60 days sub is a FAIL. Because it was a GIFT for 12 years. Imagine when you have birthday gift, but you cant use it? Like you get gaming console without TV or gamepads. It looks stupid.
11 year anniversary mount dont have such issues and looks better (uniq model ofc).
This mount looks like joke. Thats all you must know about this company attitude


This comparison is more fitting than you probably imagined: How many people do you know that doesn’t have a TV? :laughing:


i don`t know any store which gives you TV when you buy a console
ps4 also has only 1 gamepad in standard pack, you pay for the 2nd


so mean, looks like Russian boys hurt you in childhood hah

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lets be honest here, 100% of the current players who played for 12 years has advanced riding.


Obviously Funcom has been on trend of cash grabbing to the point they seem to want to end FTP.
The thing they miss is there are non-subbers that DO support the game by spending real cash in the store.

This latest is really something. Play 2 weeks for a mount (which most don’t really need another mount anyway) and here’s your celebration reward but wait who have pay or have a sub to get it.

Sure it’s easy to criticize non-subbers (who wants to sub with all the current problems listed on the Forum?) It’s not a matter of money, it’s the idea you must pay to get the reward.

Me, I don’t need another mount so it’s not a big deal, but the overall concept is really concerning.


Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth


5 yo ones that = newbies?

Thats why aoc has so low population, more stupid decisions => less ppl play

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man, if you haven`t bought that riding skill in 5 years, you should go do that instead of qqing here…