The mount on item shop

I wanted to buy one of these but it says: it requires exotic creature mounting manual to be able to mount it. Is that so needed? because I saw people lower than 80 mounting it, being f2p its impossible to me to get that because for learning the exotic you need the advance mounting manual that costs 50gold, also exotic if Im not wrong is 20g, with gold cap 10g

there is the trap : if you are free to play and want to learn the riding skills, you must claim it if you can have it that way, buy it with veteran tokens if you have some, or buy it in the shop for real money. claims and veteran tokens are disabled on saga of zath server.

Yeah this is the sad state of Funcom and I do not understand it at all.

SWTOR is also an old game that went F2P. Their original setup got a lot of people angry and they made a few changes and vastly expanded their shop to generate more money, which it did for a good 4 years until recently.

Then what happened? They decided to take every single individual item from every loot crate they ever made and placed them all up for sale on their shop so people could buy what they actually wanted directly and made a lot of people happy to spend money again.

Funcom has made minor moves upwards to improve their shop at all since going F2P and from what I hear even took away reasons to subscribe by removing free coins!

This shop should have a bunch of vanity items in it, gold cap upgrades, smaller bags, and lower prices (almost 8$ for a resource bag?!? no way will I spend that much). Oh, and for gods sake, this 360,720, 285 coins for an item is bullshizil and causes people to have odd amounts of coins remaining after buying what they actually want.

Funcom needs to wake up and realize this is an old game and drop prices to get people to spend money on it.

Wasted opportunity. I would have bought one if it came with the training.

I know the bundles that happen to contain mounts tend to also provide the training books too. I bought the level 50 bundle for my Saga toon and got a swift Tiger and all the training needed to use it. That certainly beats the price of purchasing the “Complete Mount Training” from the Item Shop if you are only after certain training and don’t have old claims to use.