Advanced Riding Trait Bugged?

Anyone else having problems buying the Advanced Riding Trait? I can’t get anything to go through on either my lvl 80 or 42 characters. Both have the Basic skill, but while the vendor will sell other items, the Advanced won’t go through.

ask a GM to help you if you are f2p.

I have the same Problem.

I’m having this issue as well. I cannot claim the Gilded Desert Steed without learning Advanced Riding first, but the vendor will not sell it to me.

There’s some kind of hang up in the system. You don’t need to have a sub to buy it, just be level 80 with the basic riding skill, but it seems to act like it wants you to be a scriber.

Oh well, I guess if it’s really important ask a GM to help you like Cappa suggested. For me, I just stuck the horse in my bank.