Anniversary Mount

It’s a gift for subscribers.

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Aoc indeed has low population, because funcom is very poor managing games and their marketing strategy is to cash grab a game, update it for few months. Then move on to next game and completely neglect their previous product.
But conan does not have low population because people have not bought advanced riding training in 12 years :sweat_smile:

U get a free mount… like what is the issue here


m8 find me in game ill give you 50g to buy advance riding skills,only for the laughs i had reading this post+coments​:joy::joy::joy:
PS:i have 1 extra tv too


I think it’s sad to whine about free stuff. They didn’t need to give any of us this anniversary, and it gives so much shards. Even though you cannot use the mount you still get the box with tokens. You could also look at it as an extra gift to the “premium” people.

Don’t get me wrong though. I also do understand that it’s kind of a weird thing to give out to f2p who cannot even use it. Caudillo said in a message that a good solution would be how they handled previous event mounts. Make the speed scale with what riding training you currently have. This would be the best solution if possible.


Why you always trying to switch duscussion to something personal?

I HAVE all ridings. A dont need em. I talking about new players. Not vets.

It’s a gift for EVERYONE, not just those that have been around 12 years and as shocking as it may sound there ARE F2p players (gold cap) AND NEW PLAYERS in the game as we speak that neither have nor can they get the advanced riding skill, setting aside the whole fact that’s it’s an optional skill that you don’t really need to play.

It comes down to a PR thing and all those here probably remember the fuss when our ‘Anniversary Gift of New Content’ came out and turned out not to be a gift like we thought it would be (and granted Funcom never said it would be) but turned out to be B2p content; Shadow of Vanaheim.

Yes you get shards or more important 50 AA points, but those new people are just seeing a mount that they can’t use.

And FYI, I’ve been around those 12 years and don’t have the advanced skill because I never saw the need to get it, nor do I now just for this gift mount. So no 100% DON’T.


you make some good points here. after looking at the event I agree it was marketed as being an event for everybody, and as of being so, i changed my mind and believe the mount should be able to be used even if you dont have premium locked features. What fireblow and caudilloo wrote regarding scalable mountspeed depending on rideskill sounds like a good idea here, since they already used that in the past


well so what, they get showered with gifts right now everyday, use ur level 40 horse and suck it up
or get the riding training


You get a free mount the same as everyone. No one got free advanced riding.


kinda, with vet tokens

If we follow your logic, there is another example. If I get a license to drive a car, why didn’t I get the car itself??? Or on the contrary, I was given a car, why didn’t I also get a driving license as a gift? Did you understand what you wrote? :slight_smile:

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Honestly, the mount is janky anyway… -25 to stagger?

just use the Royal War Stead


People are missing point here it seems. This anniversary event is only for premium players, judging by how funcom arranged it. I play on 2 accounts, 1 is premium and another is f2p. Obviously on premium account, advanced raiding is non-issue. Horse is just another cosmetic reward that I will take - although it has poor stagger and its design is questionable. But I got really disappointed on my f2p account. I thought that finally I can get something similar to royal war steed. And guess what? I didn’t even have to sub for 2 months for it! Thanks Funcom! Of course, we know the end of this story - I have even less space in my bank on 2nd account. It is not matter of gold, but rather cap for gold. I will happily accept gold coins from cerberro, but I will not be able to spend it without subbing first. And that’s main complaint for this horse. We can laugh at people who don’t want to play in premium all we want, but they should not be excluded especially from anniversary event.

Example with Playstation and tv was rather poor. Imagine if you get free console from Sony that works only on new, special Sony TV only for consoles™. You get free thing, that’s true, but you still have to pay this company money and buy new Sony TV only for consoles™ in order to use your free console. So in cynical way, they still make money. And it was supposed to be moment of joy and sincerity from funcom to show gratefullness to their playerbase (no matter if premium or f2p).


To be fair you don’t actually have to sub to get Advanced Riding Training. If you really really want it you can buy “Complete Mount Training” from shop even as f2p.

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@Fireblow And give them money for event that was supposed to involve free gift. It is not gift, but transaction if you expect something in return.

And by the way it is cheaper to buy 2 months of premium and get horse than buy Complete Mount Training for 1 character.


I didn’t say otherwise. I just said there is another option if you would like to use that :smiley: I already said that the mount is strange since f2p cannot use it. The best solution would be make it scale in speed depending what riding training you have (like some prev. event mounts)

But, this is also like 1 out of 21 “gifts” on that login reward so it’s not the end of the world I would say. Yes, this can be considered the “main gift” so that I do get. However, the mount isn’t even special. -25 staggering and looks very simple imo.

People are missing point here it seems.

If you are F2P and dont generate money for FUNCOM, nobody has to care about you. If you want to use the gift get premium or buy the skills in store. Who do you think you are to get everything for free?

I dont get this discussion. There is no reason why anyone should give you something for free, so stop whining.

If you are a premium player you probably have the advanced riding skill or you can get it ingame. If you are F2P buy it via store. Funcom is no charity.



Why would someone expect this mount being free is beyond me, indeed.


The mount is free!

login and you get it.

If you play a lottery in which 1st price is a sportscar and you win, but don’t have a driver’s license, do you complain as well?

Or maybe a more fitting example: I once joined a tennis tournament and every participant got a book as a present. It was free, no matter if the participants were able to read or not.

The mount is “free” or didn’t you get the it as f2p!?

irony on I got simple relics IV out of these daily boxes on a f2p-account, but don’t have godslayer expansion, so I can’t use them and funcom should give me the expansion for free!!! irony off