Anniversary Update Feedback

Wow, just looking at the patch notes, it is great to see a couple of the worst bugs/issues in the game have finally been eliminated.

Res window fixed.
LFR Vote Kick
Settings not saving.

These are huge. Thank you so much (if they actually work). :grin:

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Where can we see the patch notes?


Wow, you guys actually fixed my presonal top3 complaints with the game. Excellent!

One question though, is there going to be some kind of new content coming alongside the fixes?

You can expect new rewards and items as well as a permanent addition to the Raid Finder rotation. Full news later today when the servers are ready to go up.


Well, this has me intrigued.

Nice with some of the changes especially the saving of the settings.

But @AndyB can you tells us about how the vote kick for Raid Finder is going to work so it is wont be misused?

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It’s fairly simple. When initiated, a timer will start ticking and if a large majority votes ‘Yes’, then the player in question is removed from the raid. There will be a cooldown on the feature as well, so it can’t be spammed.


Setting save fix and vote to kick in rf WOW)
I waited for “setting save” fix since when I started play AoC, all those home made fixs like “go to solo inst. and relog” was very annoying. Vote to kick in rf is long waited option too)
Several questions to clarify:
How much ppl need to vote to kick someone?
Will kicked player get that 30min. deserter mark?
Some kind of kick counter? So most active troll-wipers can get reward as deserter mark for next week( so they can think about)))
p.s. I think there can be some kind of “miss kicks” because some players not understand english

Thanks for quick reply @AndyB.

Does that mean that the six AFK:ers who dont vote to kick another AFK:er before the vote kick timer runs out gets to stay in the raid? :slight_smile:


If they fix settings not saving that elimiates the worst bug in the history of this game. I’ll drink to that


Haha, I’m sure there’ll be some odd use-cases we’ll need to adapt for in the future. We’ll make adjustments to the votekick system as needed too.

Way ahead of ya :beers:


Sounds perfect Andy.

Anything to get rid of the AFK-leechers makes me happy. :slight_smile:


And here I was getting used to visit bubshur house everytime I wanted to save my settings :slight_smile: Been doing that for years :smiley:


Hello, I have 1 question. That’s all Funcom can give for the 10th anniversary of the game? Is it serious? 10 years since the game was created. Or is it just a fix for old flaws looking like a regular update to old flaws…And on the 10th anniversary will be something delicious? Last year’s gifts were much nicer. Thanks.

Nice! And i just asked for bug-fixing in “3 things to change in aoc”. That was fast/

Though, that rf vote 100% WILL be over-abused… expect /petitions .

AndyB just said that there will be more, announcment coming after servers are ready:

You can expect new rewards and items as well as a permanent addition to the Raid Finder rotation. Full news later today when the servers are ready to go up.

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I don’t know what it is but something besides the fixes is coming.

Eskiath Thanks, sorry to forget about that. )

Here is a relaxing cat picture to keep you calm while waiting for the announcement