Anniversary Update Feedback


Even cuter cat:


Perfect timing :rofl: Just re-tweaked my ui and have 20+characters to update.


We has one kitteez!



Us dog people are awaiting the announcement too so here is a pic of my dog. :slight_smile:


Merge is complete. Servers are coming online shortly.


Are we there yet, are we there yet, are we there yet???



Servers are up.


hello any new membership premium offer for 10 th anniversary? thank you


how kick option working? same way that vote to drop? just to know if something wrong.



A whole month of raid finder spamming, sounds fun.


I applaud not only the bug fixes, but the anniversary event also. Well done Funcom.


Not looking forward to the daily Raid Finder grind just to open those boxes.


Hello, got a question.

Can i stock the daily reward box and open them later on after the even is over, or do i have to do one rf each day because those box-“buff to open” will be gone after the event?


so mount is one per acc. and you can get it at the end of second week?


I’d like to ask you to add something useful for every chars on account, coz this new login rewards it is only for 1 charaster. For my 13 charasters these login rewards it is nearly nothing. I offer you to add double shards drop during anniversary event like in previous year and may be something else.

Also all Saga chars lost 6 month of WB farming, I offer you to give them all a cloak or move a quest to stage №7.


Maybe you can hoard your daily boxes, but after the event you cant open anymore if I understand the announcement correct. These boxes are connected to the special Daily Login during the event.


That is how it appears. As long as you claim daily reward each day.


I have opened the 10th anniversary chest few minutes ago- 25 Atlantean (38 with sub) shards and some t3 relics. And also I have checked daily rewards.

What can I tell:

If u have logged in every day for 21 days and have taken login reward - you receive amazing amount of Atlantean shards - 145 shards for 21 days of game.

If u did RF and have opened new chests every day for 21 days - you receive 525(798 with sub) Atlantean shards.

In sum we have max 145+798=943 shards= you can’t buy any single gem for your RF ring if u have it.
And all of this only for 1 char on your account.

Perfect 21 day of celebration. Thanks a lot.

I 2nd time ask you to add double shards drop rate during event, all chars on account will receive profit from it.


I don’t understand why I don’t have a Spoils of Victory box in my rewards, I looked through the list 10 times now but I simply can’t find it, there is no such box. I tried it with my normal characters and my saga character but there is nothing. Anyone know how I get it?


Spoils of Victory comes from Daily Login Reward