Anniversary Leaderboards?

In the Twitch stream yesterday they said today are gonna add them. But i don’t find any information on it. Was postponed?

Today isn’t over yet! :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry… guess I missed the Twitch referred to above.

Has the Anniversary Leaderboard replaced the Unconquered one? Don’t see the unconquered one at all anymore.

Also, what are the rules for the Anniversary one? If you already have all AAs, are you counting the new, unused ones? For dungeon bosses, are you counting all bosses in raids and dungeons? Or just one or the other?

What is the definition of Season 1? When does Season 2 begin?

Yup about to post details. Just a sec!

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Thanks Andy. Looks like a lot of fun… still a few questions and one suggestion.

  1. Do RF bosses and World bosses count?

  2. Do level 80 players qualify? i.e. not earning xp

My suggestion: have a guild section, where all the points acquired by players in the guild can be totalled, and guilds ranked by the total points their members earned.

I have a question about this event:
Does any dungeon boss count? Eg will high levels clearing Low level dungeons like Sanctum of burning souls count towards their kill total? Will having high level characters in the group means the kills will or will not count towards the kill totals of any players at the level of the dungeon with them?

1 per account or 1 per character in the account?

Yesterday, ì tanked AoK unchained on a guardian. There are 3 bosses there, but my toon does not show up on the leaderboard with 3 bosses killed. Does only the last one count, or do all the bosses in the dungeon?

we did a full unchained sweep last night, and it seems none of the unchained bosses counted =(

Done UC sweeps, tons of Chaos, raids and nothing is showing up for my Bear

We’ve done wyrm, flame/vortex/et and chaos - no bosses shown 5 hours later. This is really unfair.

same here ,full UC run +KK+x4 Wyrm :smiley:

Yup can confirm, all 4 unchained, and all 3 dragon spine dungeons(Chaos, Wyrm, and Coils) don’t count.

I see that one of the criteria to get credit for boss kills is " Bosses must award XP to the player in order to count." Do you still get XP rewards after turning 80? If not, since most of dungeons and raids are for level 80 toons, how does this make any sense?

They want to “encourage” :smirk: people to make new toons which they will level and do dungeons with.
Preferably Unconquered toons . :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
But doing dungeons with an Unconquered toon is the stupidest thing you can do,
since you would be putting your Unconquered status in the hands of 5 others.
(23 if you do a T1-raid before hitting 80) :nerd_face: :scream:
Bunch of :clown_face:

Hmm… Yesterday I did Coils with my ToS, then Vile (queen included) with a Ranger. I just checked the leaderboard, and both are accounted for 2 bosses. Quite weird, since both dungeons have 6 bosses… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

So only raids and which dungeons exactly count to LB?

There has to be a factor for the bosses, evening out the difficulty of the bosses.
6 T6 bosses gave me 10…value.
Coils and Vile seem to give 2 “value points” each.

A downside?! you might wanne fix for round 2: shouldnt it be a account/player thing? If i am with multiple toons in the same list do i get multiple rewards? Or should not the sum of toon achievement of a ppl count? I mean if 2 toons of a ppl appear in the boss kill list for instance?

You have 6 boss encounter, but 10 Bosses.

There are 3 bosses in encounter 1 and 3:

2 Yothians and the Whisperer, 3 Rocknoses.

So everything should be correct :wink: