Anniversary Leaderboards?

Here’s another discrepancy… I started an Aquilonian necro on May 17 (i.e. after anniversary leaderboard announcement). In game, it is now level 50 with 56 expertise points from leveling and regular AA gain, plus one from a pot in Gateway. However, on the leaderboard, it consistently shows fewer points… only 49 now. Seems just showing the AA I get from level ups, not extra ones from normal AA gain.

Pots that grant an expertise point right away as well as the rewards for the event dont seem to count. Which is fair in a sense that also expertise pots from shop will not count only the boosters indirectly.

The fact Funcom is handing out shards like popcorn makes me wonder if there will soon be a reason. New gear? Or something that costs a sailboat full of shards. Don’t know just a thought.

That’s true and in my opinion it’s better.

You get in the AA-leaderboard just by having AA-LvL-ups.
Means when you LvL-Up your toon it will count for the ranking, getting a mastery-/prowess-lvl-up by questing/pvp that 1 expertise-lvl-up will count too.

That Expertisepoints from itemshop doesnt count (including the 2 pots from gateway) is a good thing.

^^ my most incredible theory about this would be:

They add 1-3 extra gem slots in Worldboss cloak, so the RF grind continues :joy::rofl:

Well… getting the pots from Gateway is a fair effort, and probably should be counted, though I agree others should not, including any from the daily rewards. But it seems to me, that getting an expertise point from master/prowess level up is not counting on my necro, since I’m still always a few points from what I actually earned.

It doesn’t surprise me in the least that not all Expertise counts, and that it seems buggy and different for different people.

Nothing is ever straightforward, or accurately described in announcements.

Can we have multiple toons in one account winning the 600 shards or is it only possible once per account ?

Done Scorp’s Cave, Ai District and Chaos yesterday, but I did’t get any points from those dungeons… :thinking:

Meanwhile people farming low instances on repeat get a ton of points. This is very unfair.

Ah, that’s how some people got so many points? :rofl:

To make it fair, the boss should count only if it’s the level range, like the purist achievement. To farm Sanctum with a lvl 80, and get rewarded for the bosses, is quite lame. :laughing:

You dont get rewarded for killing Sanctum Bosses with a Level 80 toon…
Atzels and so on are obviously the places to go

or do you? :wink::upside_down_face:

thats funny you are telling people super-wrong info :D have u ever tried? Mains system doesnt count,go to Onyx!!

No i didnt try…
Should I ? No!

Leaderboard aren’t working correctly, if you search by class you are shown with more points than in the ALL category. Plus i take hours to update and still give you fake numbers.

if you are talking about something,yes you should try it first

First of all, i am very sorry for misleading the Community with wrong information.
Second, no i should’nt try, because the Bosskills from Lowlevel Instance are not intended to count for high Level Characters. And even if they do, because of bugged Leaderboard or whatever, this would bore me to death…
Third, referring to people farming tons of Boss-Kills…the Last Spot in the list has something like around 30. This does not look like everybody farms non Stop…
And at least for my character are shown same values in “All” and “Class”.

Not sure whats going on but it does seems strange (unless I miss something obvious).

But on friday I did full unchained sweep, yesterday I did a lot of Dragon spine boss killing (Coils, Sepulcher and Chaos) as we tried to get good timers there for the leaderboard. Still I sit here with only two bosses killed in “season 2”. Not that it matters nor do I need the shards but just curious how it works.

Have some questions.

  • Do we get normal XP for killing those kind of bosses or do we only get Mastery XP for it? (I cant recall at all) Checking my screenshot from yesterdays Coils run it only shows Mastery XP for the final boss kill at least. But maybe we get normal XP as well (I probably have that in some other chat tab) :slight_smile:
  • How often does the leaderboard update?

Hope people dont consider this whining, but genuinely curious how it works and what/how boss kills are registrered. If it is ment to have level 80 players farm Main System etc I think there is a flaw somewhere. :slight_smile:


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I think the post mentioned: Only bosses who give your character XP. Might be that the dungeons designed for Post 80 like Unchained and Hardmode and/or Dragonspine do not grant XP, just Mastery XP. Some of them are locked to 80+, so the toons won’t need the normal XP.

Oldworld Bosses still grant XP, as they have no 80+ lock.

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