Anniversary Announcements

Hello friends! As the Age of Conan 12th Anniversary event draws to an end, we have a couple announcements we wanted to make sure you’re aware of.

1: Anniversary Login Rewards & Leaderboard Challenge cutoff: June 15

While the event itself ends tomorrow, June 9, we’re leaving the daily login rewards up through the rest of the week & weekend, and turning them off June 15th. We’re also leaving the Leaderboard community challenge up through then, which should give everyone a chance to claim some rewards they may otherwise have missed, as well as to eek out those last few percentage points in the challenge.

2: Advanced Riding for owners of the Gilded Desert Stallion

Due to community feedback, we will be granting a free tome of Advanced Riding skill to all players who claimed the free anniversary mount during the event. The tome will be granted via claims shortly after the event concludes. When the tome is delivered, we’ll let you know here on the forums.

Edit: Please note, this version of Advanced Riding won’t care what level you are; you won’t need to be level 80 to use it. You will still need to know Basic Riding first, though.

Thank you all for joining us during the 12th Anniversary event!