Is Samhain coming 2022?

Any news on if this will be announced this year or soon?

Based on previous years it should most likely be the 13th (atleast whateever portion of it is automated should trigger then).

There’s a long server downtime scheduled for the twelth, probably to set up Samhain.

No, it’s to fix some problems. The event would be incidental. Those don’t need a maintenance period to turn on/off.

The downtime was to perform some server maintenance to, in part, fix the chat system. Samhain event shenanigans should begin tomorrow morning around 9:00 AM EST.


Samhain shenanigans partially activated. I see seasonal missions and SuperJack working, but not seeing seasonal daily login rewards.

Samhain’s seasonal Daily Login Rewards start on October 15th this year. You’ll be seeing those login rewards very soon!

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Samhain login rewards are active now, as the prophecy foretold.


Nothing until today activated in Age of Conan, That’s so sad Funcom :frowning:

Only one event that works on the PvP server, and half works (as in you can probably start it but cannot finish it because a npc isnt there for the 2nd half of the quest) on the PvE server. You SWL folks should consider yourselves lucky that apparently @AndyB seems to care more about your game than ours.

Yeah that’s true. Noone cares about Age of Conan and the loyal customers, that supported the game for so many Years. That really can’t be in the interests for such a big company like Funcom. It’s so sad what’s going on here.

Now you know how us TSW players feel most of the time.

I do consider us lucky, but we feel your pain. I’ve heard ours start automatically. That’s why our login rewards and actual event(s) start at different times.

I would imagine Age of Conan being, well, Conan would not be abandoned outright, but then Funcom has newer, bigger, brighter Conan to update so yeah. My condolences.

there are also sand worms to attend to