Samhain 2021: October 13 - November 11

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year; Samhain is here!

We had a bit of an odd start this time due to an issue with the way the game handles events; for some mysterious reason, we’re noticing some of the automated triggers aren’t going off when they should be this year, and upon investigation it remains unclear why this appears to be the case. Anyhoo, Agartha’s all dressed up for the occasion with seasonal raid encounters along with seasonal missions, cosmetics, and a bunch of stuff on sale.

Now, the sorta weird part; Daily Login rewards for the event are currently not popping and after Aeryl played with some system clock shenanigans, it looks like the login rewards will pop up on Friday the 15th. The event is long enough that everyone should be able to claim their rewards in time, though. We’ll continue to look into this and see what can be done to fix it within code. :smiley: