Festive login rewards gone already?

Apparently there are no more login rewards for the festive season?
Is this the spirit of the season ended or flash has been discontinued at 00:00 01.01.2021
or something else?
The only login rewards showing are the regular login rewards.

If it was flash not even the launcher would load.

Try pressing the back arrow at the top of the rewards window?

There is no other reward window even when pressing the back arrow (Which has already been tried before posting)

Logged in after daily reset and mine are missing too, on all toons. I checked with people who said they got them today, and they said they were logged in when daily reset happened.

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Logged in for 10:00 UTC event boss and didn’t find event daily rewards either. Non-event daily rewards were fine.

Well that’s disappointing, missed a couple days and was hoping for that last talisman enhancer today.

Hopefully someone will put them back up for the last few days of the event.

Same problem here. Must be a bug, since there are 4 days left in the event.

The same thing happened at the beginning of Samhain, IIRC. They fixed the problem and extended the event by several days to make up for it. Hopefully they’ll do the same for this bug.

I don’t recall an event where there was not a problem with any of the rewards lol

Change your computer clock to 31/12/2020 and should allow to claim reward.


Tested and works.
Which is really strange lol

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That it is :slight_smile: True nonetheless.

Not necessarily, it depends how the kill switch works…

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Hello, we are aware that the Krampusnacht login rewards terminated early and are investigating our options. We are also aware there’s a lot of talk of a wonky “workaround”, which we technically can’t officially endorse, but we don’t think it’ll cause problems. Sorry for the trouble :sweat:


The absolute best kind :slight_smile: Just don’t do it on a database server. Unless you really, really have to.


Just like all wonky workarounds we have to do, we did it anyway lol
And now we go back to Samhain and anniversary and claim all missed event items too.

Seems there have been problems with login rewards for almost every event lately


Not just the game UI but the launcher itself is flash. Regardless, SWL has a flash player built-in so it’s a non-issue.

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Fair enough, all I wanted to note was that there are lots of places in the application interface that use Flash, and not always in the same way. It was just an observation that unless we have “the hood up” we can’t know for certain what will or won’t be affected.

A more important reason why it’s very unlikely to be Flash related is that their kill switch is due not to kick in until 12th January, anyway (Adobe final release notes)

I have more than a couple of dev friends that won’t really relax until after that deadline has passed safely :slight_smile:

I’m worried about what that means for the original TSW, which I still play occasionally. Knowing Funcom, I doubt they will allocate any resources to fix that, which could possibly mean bye bye game.

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I hope not! I’m still paying for it monthly. Got 7 months of points saved up.

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