The Broadcast Mission No Longer Available

I had a couple of characters on it yesterday, but when I logged in today the radios were all gone (so I couldn’t complete the mission) and the mission start at the Laundromat was missing. The Jack world boss is still around, but I thought all of Samhain 2018 was supposed to be available until November 1st.

Announcements get pinned to the top of the forums, or at least they should be showing up there.

LOL, I just looked for where you got that post – it’s under Funcom’s general (i.e., all games) section, not the Secret World specific page(s), which is why I didn’t see it. But thanks for the quick reply so that I know that I’m not insane. And while the Launcher mentions a Hotfix tomorrow, the link for the patch notes shows the last update (from October 23rd).

Maybe next time FC will put notes where they are likely to be read.

It’s pinned on the front page of the SWL forum if you scroll down. And up on social media/reddit. And discord announcements. :man_shrugging:

I apologize for the confusion.

Would it perhaps be possible to have the front page pinned topic in their own box above the categories?

The current layout doesn’t really make it clear people should scroll down to below the categories for something important.

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I could re-style the SWL forum to look more like #conan-exiles and have a News category. Would that work better?

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That might actually be good. Would bring important announcements to the top.

I think the optimal solution would be an up top box for just this kind of short-term, highly relevant announcement.

If that’s not technically possible, I’m honestly not sure it makes a difference what you do. I think no matter where else you put the information, someone will always miss it. You’d probably just change who does.

To explain that: I believe the current front page may be quite good for young, mobile-focused users, as they may well be used to scrolling being an absolute necessity to find the good stuff; older, desktop-focused users might be more likely to check a top-visible news subsection,as they may have been digitally raised in a scrolling is bad mindset.

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Issue is resolved. Thank you for the feedback.