Fusang: just an idea

Fusang :An Idea
Seeing as a few people are clamouring for Fusang to be somehow re implemented back in the game
I am curious on how this would actually work

Given that the original premise of Fusang on Tsw was based on faction control and xp world domination buffs
So in order to prevent having a sterile pointless Fusang I have come up with an idea which is open to suggestion, ridicule or what ever, that could overcome the lack of factional control/Domination
Pease bear in mind I am not a coder or a computer programmer so im not even sure how or if this could even be implemented but here goes

We have 3 teams of 10 for arguments sake Morning Afternoon Night Teams
Each team starts in each of the former faction bases
At start a random facility is chosen ( not centre )

And after a count down all teams must converge at predetermine spot ( think turret circle where 5 players must be in side to activate the turret ) once all teams are in side circle out side randomly chosen facility a timer starts ( also no one team can attack another at this point )

A custodian appears all team must defeat custodian in order to drop the gate to enter facility
If a player is killed by the custodian they are sent back to initial team spawn for a 90 sec cool down
(think sin bin )

Once custodian is dead all players are flagged for open pvp
Once killed in open combat ( player v player) player is sin bin locked ie cant re enter the fight
Inner facility is gated in order to win facility a player must activate a console on outer wall by inner entrance to drop the gate and run into the centre ( where custodians used to spawn ) in order to claim the facility
Once a fac has been claimed it becomes locked to the winning team

It can not be re won back

All teams are then resent back to original spawn points and await for 2nd random chosen remaining facilities
Same rules as above for facility 1
Once a team has claimed 2 facilities then game ends and winning team gets rewards

If in the event of all teams owning a facility each
Then all teams meet at a predetermined point by centre facility
Which is gate locked once gate is dropped it becomes open warfare
Once killed in centre fac you are dead and out the equation
Team that activates wall console to claim centre fac is the winner

As I said this is just an idea and is open to suggestions
Whether or not this is even feasible or can be implemented I don’t know
Part of me would want to see fusang back in some format on SWL
Part of me fears it wouldn’t work on SWL

I would love to be proven wrong

As it was a major part of my TSW life from 2012- 2016
And holds many good memories
Please feel free to add subtract any ideas that could make fusang viable on swl
Thing-Fish Fusang Originals 2012

When designing content like this, it’s important at the start to ask “what game goals do we wish to achieve with this?” and also “what will drive players to want to participate in it frequently and repeatedly?”. It should be fun/challenging on its own, and rewarding without being a loot piñata.

It would also be good if the design somehow encouraged a bit of extra spending, without becoming P2W.

To meet those goals, I would likely remake Fusang into an hourly PVP raid. At the start of the hour, each faction team would have a 10 minute period where they gather various ‘charge ups’ for their faction custodian. Adding both damage and defense, with the possibility of adding something special (and possibly faction-unique) if a certain amount of charge-up is attained.

Once charge-up is complete, each faction custodian starts a march to the center, where it would assist in battle against the central custodian (and against the other faction forces). Once the central custodian is defeated, the team with the highest score would get the Custodian Cache to unlock. The Cache would be in a separate room behind the custodian which only the winning faction could enter/respawn into.

Score would be obtained by:
-Amount of charge-up placed in the faction Custodian
-Amount of damage done to opposing Custodians
-Amount of damage done to Center Custodian
-PvP kills made during event

Once the raid is over, players could still PvP as normal until the next raid starts. This might also be a phase in which the 3 side bases can be flipped, perhaps to trigger various team bonuses for the next raid.

To make the rewards good-but-not-OP, I would suggest dropping something like an E6 level chest (which many players cannot otherwise access), but also with a small chance of dropping a Reward pack with something special in it, like 3rd Age fragments, some Hex Coins, or possibly even a Cache Key - with very small chances though.

As for the possibly-increase-sales part, a bit trickier but maybe something like: have a set of PvP achievements that unlock various rewards (PvP outfits, some skins or gear, maybe an agent or two). Then offer a ‘PvP XP booster’ that grants an additional 20% extra PvP XP or something for an hour. Perhaps some gear like the AoE heals or Turrets that used to be in TSW Scenarios could be sold for MoF at the faction base.

That alone kills the whole idea of Fusang, an open PvP area. Whats the point for hunting duels etc. if players arent able to PvP if they arent “flagged”?

Last version of TSW Fusang was pretty good with Attack/Defend kill missions, so I dont see any point to chance the system.

But, if we want non-HC-PvP’rs to enter into SWL Fusang, there must be a carrot. Older TSW World Domination Buff did benefit everyone in Dominant Faction, even you done PvP or not. But for SWL Fusang, we could have something different, like if you have done both Attack/Defend mission, you get something like “20% buff for Distillate XP for 2 hours” or something if you have all 4 Facilities. 15% for 3, 10% for 2, 5% for 1.

I was one of those Fusangites who didnt bother to get missions or leave Fusang to spend Marks/BB’s. I just loved to play there.

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One of the major factors in Fusang as opposed the other PvP zones was that it never ended, you could enjoy jumping in and staying in as long as you wanted, no leaving and having to re queue and hope for a pop again. Fusang never ended, and that was part of what made it great.

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Im not replying to any specific post, just want to share my own idea too; the best fusang version to me was the last one before tsw goin into maintenance, was really fun all that chest hunt, killing the carrier/protecting the chest, it felt very ballanced and dinamic, of course including pvp activities in daily/weekly tasks helped to keep it working, but at the end we was still being guided by npc (most conquering was dependant on the same underdog ritual to have an oportunity on fortified factions always ending into custodian vs turret… or those faction premade groups that used to dominate there at specific playing time, what i want to see is people having real pvp fun, lets say funcom bring the exact last version of fusang we saw, but inside the carrying chest there are one special weapon, maybe a mortar, maybe a misile launcher or maybe that old machinegun turret, but this time one player could equip the mortar or the missile launcher, so if you get the chest to destination that would be your defense bonus, give those weapons huge splash ratios, make people fly on explosions, getting ported to the farest base on by an anima infused grenade, get them turned into an out of control filthy beasts by a filth mortar, there are lot of funny ways to kill/disable people (i always laugh when the dw2 dog does concuss and kicks tanks butt 20 yards away) oneshoot custodians, make custodians switch sides, the mechanics are in the game already in some missions old and new, thats just an example, those defense bonus weapons could be equiped only from the gate side towers; you could have your ways to balance it, but the fun in pvp is killing eachother anyway, or even enjoying a funny death… ok, the old machine gun turret could be one of those too, cheers.
then lets say the misterious package was intercepted by other faction, now those weapons could be used for siege, EVEN MORE FUN, use the special weapon for shutting down the gate barrier with an emp salvo, corrupt the barrier with a filth obus making it to switch sides, letting invaders getting in but halting the defenders, detonate it inside to wipe/port every defender out, i can keep going forever with this.
now, lets talk about factions, LET THE FACTIONS BE, fusang justification always was a faction joint project (fusang project) war excersise to train the bees, let it be that way, makes perfect sense, this pvp theatre is factioned, so what? some of us still have fun on a colored fight now and then, why so afraid of it? IT WOULD BE A COUNCIL OF VENICE SPONSORED EXCERSISE, you will not even need to change the intro voices, we will kill eachother, then we will be friends again and do dungeons together… or not, let us yell in frustration (because pvp, not because bugs) thats part of it, just make it fun to see or to be.
last… rewards, make pvp part of dailies again, throw us some mof maybe, just like all other dailies, nothing too crazy, maybe a rare drop chance, keys, distillate, vanity, what people ask, just a tiny piece of hope for those pvers like me to bite and get hooked into it, and dont make it character bound.
i never was a huge fan of equal footing buff myself, and the special weapons would be a more natural way to make a not fully developed character to overtake pro camping pvpers weared in e10 nyr red70 gear. we still will need tactics and a brain, there will be always skilled players and sucky players, no big deal, let people choose if they want to come and get some action, dont want to? ITS FINE TOO! just give us something fun as hell, we will do the rest.
about premading: just dont mix it with casual playing, give us a way to queue into a normal mode (with equal foot buff and loot) and premades only matches, pro mode (factionless premade) is as it is, thats the pro league, no loot for pro mode (mmaybe some achievements), thats for sick pvpers with brain damage. i wish somebody read all this boring stuff im writing lol.