Cabal Pride 6 - Sat. 11th May, 1800 GMT

Nine Swords, together with DJ Drina of Happy Tentacle Radio are excited to announce the sixth:

Cabal Pride - Cabal Recruitment Event


Saturday 11th May, 2019. 18:00 GMT - 21:00 GMT
Location: Axel’s in Agartha
Show your cabal pride!

Following in the legacy of the last 5 cabal recruitment events that we have run, we are at it again.
Cabal Pride is returning to Secret World Legnds!

Cabal Pride is a cabal recruitment event for your cabal to participate in, or for you as a member of the SWL Community to come along to and find a new cabal to call home.

During the event, each signed up cabal will get the chance to stand up and show you why you should join their cabal.

/chat join cabalpride during the event for a running commentary of the event and what’s going on, listen to Happy Tentacle Radio for their overview of the cabals taking part and watch out for the #cabalpride6 hash-tag on Twitter.

See you there!

Note for interested cabals:
If you are interested in taking part, please respond here to this thread.
(Of course if you have questions before you sign up, you can also send us a PM or look out for us ingame too).


In a response to this thread, we will need the following information from you:
(Only sign ups here in this thread accepted!)

Cabal name:
Main contact person:
Brief overview of your cabal that the DJ will be able to read to promote you:
Cabal Website Address
Cabal Social Media links
Optional: Preferred time-slot from available openings in the list below this post.

Suggestions of what you could do:

  • Read a text about your cabal
  • Dancing
  • Light show
  • Formation in uniform
  • Show off your cabal colours (with clothes / pets… etc)

All types of cabals are VERY welcome. Whether you are PvE, RP or PvP centric - or all of the above. What is important to us is that anyone and everyone feels that they would be welcome to take part.

We will create a timed order of who goes when and organise this like the previous cabal recruitment event.

18:00GMT - opening
18:05 : League of Monster Slayers (flexible for time slot if needed)
18:15 : Cabal 2
18:25 : Cabal 3
18:35 : Knightsbridge Consulting
18:45 : Cabal 5
18:55 : The Winged
19:05 : Nine Swords
19:15 : Cabal 8
19:25 : Cabal 9
19:35 : Cabal 10
19:45-20:00 - Interval CONGA! and competition?
20:05 : Cabal 11
20:15 : Cabal 12
20:25 : Cabal 13
20:35 : Cabal 14
20:45 : Cabal 15
20:55 Closing speech and thank yous


Awesome :white_check_mark:


Cabal name: The League of Monster Slayers
Main contact person: Bagofcats
Faction: Multitalented
Brief overview of your cabal that the DJ will be able to read to promote you:

LoMS, The League of Monster Slayers, is Fun, Casual and Helpful. We missed being one of the Founding Fifty Cabals by a few months. Because, Casual. And, late. But we’re still old! Positively ancient! And still going strong, with dungeons, lairs and raids. And spectacular wipes. At all levels!
We are mostly European and North American, and with several antipodeans to close the loop around the world. English is our Lingua Franca. We are always recruiting. Check our website at - or join our chat channel lomsglobal and say hi.

Cabal Website Address
Cabal Social Media links
Preferred time-slot: we’re flexible :slight_smile:


Cabal name: Nine Swords
Main contact person: Katelin (or any of our leaders link )
Faction: Multi-Faction
Brief overview of your cabal that the DJ will be able to read to promote you: Incoming before Cabal Pride!
Cabal Website Address
Cabal Social Media links @ Nine_Swords
Optional: 19:05


Cabal name: Knightsbridge Consulting
Main contact person: Maya Stroi
Faction: multi-faction
Brief overview of your cabal that the DJ will be able to read to promote you: Knightsbridge Consulting is a private consulting firm dealing with investigating all aspects of the unnatural.
Cabal Website Address: it says that I cant post links in my replies
Cabal Social Media links: Nor mention others apparenrly
Optional: Preferred time-slot: 18:35

I’ll DM the details that it won’t let me post in twitter from RFG_Malak


Thanks for the DM!!

Knightsbridge Consulting website & Twitter link:

Social Media: @ SWKnightsbridge


Cabal Name: The Winged

Main Contact Person: BrainSquid

Faction: Open to all

Brief Overview: The Winged are a RP cabal founded in June 2017. In character, we’re a cross-faction organization focused on the preservation of occult and esoteric history and artifacts. Out of character, we’re a small and easy-going group of folks who wish to provide a welcoming and nonjudgmental RP environment. We host weekly get-togethers and present occasional plots based on folklore and mythology.

Cabal Website Address:

Preferred Time Slot: 18:55 (Cabal 6)


One week to go! We know there still have to be a lot of great cabals out there recruiting, and there’s a lot of slots to choose from on the schedule. Let’s get together and give the SWL community a boost!

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Cabal Pride is TODAY!! Cannot wait to see lots of you there! Come along to find a cabal to call home, and potentially get your hands on some great prizes! (thank you Andy as well as members of Nine Swords who have added to the prize pot!)


Thank you to SO SO SO many members of our community who came along to support Cabal Pride 6 today! There are fantastic screenshots posted on Twitter with the #cabalpride6

Thank you to all the cabals that presented!
Congratulations to everyone that won the trivia questions we ran - and as also the trivia that Knightsbridge Consulting ran as well!

Until next time :honeybee:


Can’t really improve on that. So, seconded! Many thanks to all involved and who attended! :smiley:


And a big thank you, Yuriksha and Katelin, and DJ Drina, for a wonderful and successful event and evening. And the other cabals for their participation. It’s important. Hugs and love from us in LoMS :heart:


I really enjoyed the short time I was there. Thanks for keeping up the Cabal Pride. It’s nice to see people still get together and show off their love of their cabals and the game in general.

Here’s to next year. :tada: