Cabal Pride 7, Sat. 25th April, 1700 GMT

Nine Swords, together with DJ Drina of Happy Tentacle Radio are excited to announce Cabal Pride 7!

Saturday 25th April, 2018. 17:00GMT - 20:00GMT
Location: Agartha Dancefloor

We are doing it again. Cabal Pride is coming to Secret World Legends!

Cabal Pride is a cabal recruitment event for your cabal to participate in, or for you as a member of the SWL Community to come along to and find a new cabal to call home.

During the event, each cabal can promote themselves to the masses that gather for the event. This year, instead of big promotionals per cabal - you get the chance to sign your cabal up to run a competition during the event instead!

/chat join cabalpride during the event for a running commentary of the event and what’s going on, listen to Happy Tentacle Radio for their overview of the cabals taking part and watch out for the #cabalpride7 hash-tag on Twitter.
See you there!

Note for cabals:
If your cabal is planning on attending, and wants a promotion via HTC during the event -
we will need the following information from you in this thread:
(Only cabals that post here up to the day before the event will get promoted, we have to be able to prepare!)

Cabal name:
Main contact person:
Brief overview of your cabal that the DJ will be able to read to promote you:
Cabal Website Address
Cabal Social Media links

If your cabal wants to run a competition during the event. Please also note this in your post - then we can plan how to space them out so we aren’t doing 10 give-aways at the same time!!

All types of cabals are VERY welcome. Whether you are PvE, RP or PvP centric - or all of the above. What is important to us is that anyone and everyone feels that they would be welcome to take part.


We are of course taking part!! So Excited :smiley:

Cabal name: Nine Swords

Main contact person: Katelin / Yuriksha

Faction: Multi

Brief overview of your cabal that the DJ will be able to read to promote you:
Founded in 2012 for the original TSW, Nine Swords has stood the test of time. In SWL we maintain our reputation as a community driven cabal. 9S is primarily EU based with a growing US presence. We are looking for kind and spirited members with any level of progress through the main story or endgame challenges. Cabal members are encouraged to take advantage of the event calendar on our website for scheduling a variety of in-game activities. Our current spread of events is primarily PvE but we always welcome organized RP, PvP and Social fun! Applications to join should be made via our website…

Cabal Website Address:

Cabal Social Media links:

During the event we will definitely be doing a give-away of some kind!


We are in! YAY! :raised_hands:

Cabal name: League of Monster Slayers

Main contact person: Bagofcats, UnsafeCrayon

Faction: Multifaction

Brief overview of your cabal that the DJ will be able to read to promote you:
The League of Monster Slayers: FUN - CASUAL - HELPFUL
After doing the hilariously fun mission in the Savage Coast, we wanted to capture that fun with like-minded people. We have members from all over the globe, but the majority are from Europe and North-America. We are English speaking, primarily.
We welcome all players, including new, veterans, and casual players.
While we are more PvE focused, we do all sorts of content in the game. Our goal is to have fun, enjoy the game, smell the roses, and maybe be a little silly.

Cabal Website Address:
Cabal Social Media links:


Looking forward to the party.

Cabal Name: Legio Fulminata

Main Contact Person: Minks, Illesdan, Theck

Faction: Multifaction

Brief overview of your cabal that the DJ will be able to read to promote you:

The Legio Fulminata was started in the original TSW and made the jump to SWL when the time came. We are a fun casual cabal that is open to newcomers and veteran players alike. We have members from all over the globe with the majority being in the US so we are a primarily English speaking cabal. We run weekly PVE events, dungeons, and all kinds of group content.

Cabal Website Address:

Cabal Social Media Links:


For all cabals that sign up at the latest 24hours before the event - and are there on the day to present their cabal : Nine Swords will put your cabal into a Prizedraw!!

The winning cabal will receive a mixture of 50 Regional and World Bosses for their cabal! :slight_smile:

The Prizedraw will happen at around 19:30GMT - so make sure we see you at the event before then!

So - get signed up, and see you there!


For everyone participating in Cabal Pride 7 - Nine Swords will be running an Outfit Competition on Twitter during the event. The theme will be announced at the start of the event! We will be giving away 3 main prizes, and 10 runners up prizes. See you there :honeybee:


Just 2 Cabals will go into the prize draw! Pretty decent odds for winning :wink:


We got more prizes!! Thank you to generous members of our cabal - We have 13 main prizes! Including Bikes, Pets, Container Keys and Outfits. On top of that, each of the 13 winners will also get a T-Shirt from Andy!! YAY!


Bosses Prizedraw was carried out in a team roll with LomS and LF taking part! LoMS won - but chose to split the prize!! So Gratz to both cabals :smiley: and yay for awesomeness!


Congratulations to the winners of our 9S Screenshot competition:

Gwaerhyd - Arachnoid Cycle
Insein - Container Keys (30)
Aand1 - Oni War Hawg Cycle
Leogrim - Arachnoid Cycle
Milreela - rocket-powered hoversled
Parmenter - rocket-powered hoversled
WayTooBad - rocket-powered hoversled
SantaHat-Girl - rocket-powered hoversled