Cabal recruitment?

I recently started playing and have been having a lot of fun. I’d like to meet some people and possibly join a cabal, but I have to admit I can’t seem to find any current info on cabals that might be recruiting newer people.

Are there any threads going where I could see who might be available to join?

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hey Perception - welcome to the game ! Glad you enjoy it.
You’ll find people regularly doing shout-outs in game when they are recruiting for their cabals. You can check them out in game through:

  • The social list (SHIFT + C) : People often recruit for their cabals there under the activity “cabal”,
  • The sanctuary channel : type “/chat join Sanctuary” to access this social channel in game, and
  • The general channel when in Agartha.

Also good to know is that there will be a Cabal Pride event happening next month where people will showcase their cabals etc. There is a separate post about that in the community corner section of this forum, check it out here : Cabal Pride 2018 - Sat. 28th April, 1800 GMT

Good luck :slight_smile:


I appreciate the information. I looked everything over and also joined sanctuary last night. (Though it seemed to just be full of people complaining about funcom)

I am thinking I don’t really want to wait over a month to join a cabal, so I will use the methods posted above to actively research and seek out a couple groups.