Happy Tentacle Radio 9th Anniversary Show!

It’s nearly here! HTR is celebrating 9 years of shenanigans on Sunday 26 June starting at 2 PM EDT (6 PM UTC). Find us on the main platform in Agartha near the Mallgartha entrance. DJ’s, music, contests, prizes, & more! Each DJ will have their own contest during their music set, with 1st place winner receiving a TSW Secret War Faction Outfit (MUST be toon’s actual faction) & the 2nd place winner getting a TSW Anima Lager tee. Thank you to Andy & SWL for the prizes! Tune in at Happy Tentacle Radio is on Mixlr. Mixlr is a simple way to share l... for the event!





I love all these! :smiley:


Bump! I noticed some prizes being handed out in game yesterday, hopefully they didn’t forget this one. Maybe it will be handed out today at some point.

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Those outfits are heaps better than pink suit, high time to give these threads out!

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These are old outfits from VERY EARLY in TSW… Like the beginning. :wink: I would love to see some of these old ones show back up. I imagine a lot of SWL players don’t even know about a lot of the cool old looks. That being said, pink suit is literally my husband’s favorite outfit from TSW/SWL.

Hi Ana. I will poke Andy and find out what’s up with the prizes. I assumed they’d been passed out <3

Ohhhh the morph suit. I actually love those. I just would want them to show face still and then Drina would wear them a lot. <3

Hi, Drina. A lot of prizes that were held by Funcom were finally handed out for different contests, fundraisers, etc. I wanted to bump your thread since we may have been forgotten about during the handouts.

The awards for this even still haven’t been distributed to my knowledge. Funcom, please it’s high time.

Seeing as we got another contest announced it would be nice if we could get rewards from last year distributed.

“We”, you won anything? or participate?

Im curious how do you know it hasnt been distributed yet (to some or anyone) if you dont win anything yourself?

its also unlikely they can see or respond if they have you on ignore already. Which I know a lot of people have