Happy Tentacle Radio 9th Anniversary Show!

It’s nearly here! HTR is celebrating 9 years of shenanigans on Sunday 26 June starting at 2 PM EDT (6 PM UTC). Find us on the main platform in Agartha near the Mallgartha entrance. DJ’s, music, contests, prizes, & more! Each DJ will have their own contest during their music set, with 1st place winner receiving a TSW Secret War Faction Outfit (MUST be toon’s actual faction) & the 2nd place winner getting a TSW Anima Lager tee. Thank you to Andy & SWL for the prizes! Tune in at Happy Tentacle Radio is on Mixlr. Mixlr is a simple way to share l... for the event!





I love all these! :smiley:


Bump! I noticed some prizes being handed out in game yesterday, hopefully they didn’t forget this one. Maybe it will be handed out today at some point.

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Those outfits are heaps better than pink suit, high time to give these threads out!

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These are old outfits from VERY EARLY in TSW… Like the beginning. :wink: I would love to see some of these old ones show back up. I imagine a lot of SWL players don’t even know about a lot of the cool old looks. That being said, pink suit is literally my husband’s favorite outfit from TSW/SWL.

Hi Ana. I will poke Andy and find out what’s up with the prizes. I assumed they’d been passed out <3

Ohhhh the morph suit. I actually love those. I just would want them to show face still and then Drina would wear them a lot. <3

Hi, Drina. A lot of prizes that were held by Funcom were finally handed out for different contests, fundraisers, etc. I wanted to bump your thread since we may have been forgotten about during the handouts.