#PlayAnything w/ DJ Drina (Happy Tentacle Radio)

I should probably have a post on the official forums! My 80s new wave- and 90s hip hop-loving lil DJ has a weekly show on Saturdays at 9 PM ET in Ealdwic Park (https://happy-tentacle-radio.mixlr.com/). #PlayAnything takes its name from an iconic 80s film featuring Drina’s all time favorite actor. My show used to mainly feature 80s music and 90s music but it’s definitely a very eclectic show at this point where anything goes (as long as the DJ likes it). A lot of sets are themed, though sometimes even then it feels very random. I try to keep the ingame show very RP-heavy (think bar RP rather than huge plot) and everybody is welcome to come hang out and have fun. Ingame meetup: Drina.



Can I just say, as a longtime community member, it makes me absolutely GIDDY every time GMs do some random, special thing for these shows and events. You guys are the best and the players really love you. <3



I will have a stupid amount of shows!

Saturday 4/29 - 9 PM ET #PlayAnything The Rock Show
Monday 5/1 - 7 PM ET - Beltane Show (Ealdwic Park)
Thursday 5/4 - May the 4th Star Wars-themed show (Agartha)
Saturday 5/6 - Solomon Island Beach Cleanup show (will post flier)

Find our shows here

Hope to see you kids there! :smiley:


Might be doing a Cruel Summer show this weekend. Saturday 9 PM ET in Ealdwic Park. <3

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Today/Saturday 9 PM EDT in front of Mallgartha - My So-Called #PlayAnything 90s Grunge, Alternative, & Rock w DJ Drina!

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I’m amazing at posting these, I know.

I’ll be LIVE in Agartha tonight around 9 PM ET for #PlayAnything with a dark, dancey set mixed with a little bit of whatever. <3