Hello From Your Friendly Neighborhood DJ Drina

Hi! I’m Emily, aka Drina/Medrina. I have been a part of the Secret World community since 2013 and played the original game since 2012, transitioning to SWL when it launched. I’ve been DJing since about 2015, first for Gridstream, then Happy Tentacle Radio. I’ve roleplayed off and on since my teens, starting way back on AOL in 1996, and have a lot of experience in WoD/VtM/WtA, as well as CtL and CtD. I fell in love with Secret World because it had WoD meets Lovecraft vibes from day 1, and because it was just such an amazingly presented game.

Over time I’ve had a lot of characters, so I’ll just do a little blurb naming them:

Medrina Kamaar, aka DJ Drina, obviously, is my MAIN main. She’s a Dragon who uses blood magic ICly and has several tricks up her sleeve. She’s also the station manager IC for Happy Tentacle Radio. I do a weekly #PlayAnything show Saturdays at 9 PM ET in Ealdwic Park.

Benja Moreau is my other Dragon, and he’s a painter/artist from Los Angeles who’s also skilled with chaos magic, and kind of a ‘class clown’ type on Twitter.

Mariah/Rye Saffron is my first Illuminati, and started as a field agent, jumped into forensics, and now acts as a handler to ‘special talent.’ She’s uses elemental magic IC, as well as various firearms.

Sia St. Pierre is another Illuminati. She’s an empath, but also a medium who has the ability to walk between the living and spiritual worlds.

Alana Rios Ramirez is my Pandemic baby. I made her March 2020 ahead of everything. She’s also Illuminati, and also uses mental abilities, though not quite like Sia. Hers combine with her chaos magic.

I briefly played a conspiracy theorist turned Illuminati agent, Casper Cross, but he didn’t last.

I’ve only played one Templar, and that’s Alice Moreau, who’s no longer being played, but had a lot of crazy fun in her day.

My final is one I hope to use more eventually, Marie Valentin, who is a factionless vampire.

I used to do a lot more writing and roleplay on all my various toons, but life has kind of slowed the creative process. I still love the game and the community, though, so I’m hoping to get back into things more, time permitting. I’d really love to see the remaining community continue to flourish, and maybe even grow!