Happy Tentacle Radio's TEN TICKLES 10th Anniversary Celebration 9 July, 2 PM EDT

Happy Tentacle Radio is celebrating our TEN TICKLES 10 year anniversary in the Secret World! Join us ingame in Agartha near the Mallgartha (aka The Hallowed Halls) entrance on Sunday, 9 July 2023 at 2 PM EDT (1800 GMT/1900BST). The current DJ lineup will be having a celebratory show to mark the occasion. DJs Drina, Aly’sande, & Reaper will hopefully be joined by Jules, and maybe a special guest, for a roundtable chat and celebration, followed by music!

For our anniversary event, we’d like a little help from you, the community!

We are requesting you send us your favorite & most cherished memories from your time in The Secret World (TSW or SWL), both IC & OOC. We would also love to hear any memories you have from attending HTR events & DJ shows. They can be funny, happy, sad, whatever you feel like sharing. They can also be anonymous or named/public. We will be sharing our own memories as well, and reading yours on air during our live show. You can send these to us via twitter DM (@Happy_T_Radio or @medrinakamaar), or even reply to this post!

As always, if you have any IC or OOC questions you’d like to ask any of the current DJs, please also feel free to send those our way and we will answer during our show.

(Note: while most of our shows are in-character, our anniversary show will have both IC & OOC elements)

We can’t wait to celebrate with you all!



Favorite moments : (One of my favorite moments was on a Friday night rp session the Illimunatti resurrected Hachiko to fight off a ghost in 2012. And then later I visited a museum and finding out that Hachiko was a real dog!)


About a week left to add your own memories to this!

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While I have a lot of favourite moments/memories. There are two that stand out.

1; Last halloween tour, where the GM/Devs sudden added stuff to each of the stories and it took us a moment to realize what in the world was going on! <3 Barglebeast!

2; Poor Drina having to find/play horse/animal themed songs. xD


Secret World is wonderful, my favorite game(s), and shifted the shape of my brain. I’ve been inspired by the in-depth theorizing that folks do with it, and absolutely adore every time I spot references, hints, or environmental storytelling. There are many folks much more clever and well-read than I, but it’s still fun to go digging in the details!

The thing that stands out as something I’m personally proud of is that, during the lead-up to the release of Kaidan, I went wracking my memory and combing through CryGaia to find every single “John” I could, in an effort to figure out which (if any) of them was the one who left us that message in Venice. I had posted a list of who they all were, and how likely I felt about each of them being the culprit or not. And, while it wasn’t until the day before launch, I did manage to realize before it was revealed: it was the one mentioned offhand in a Morninglight tablet (which had other, much more interesting informational profiles). And the clue that tipped me off? It said his favorite color was blue.

THAT’S the level of attention to detail I’ve come to love in this game. Boxes with a faded Red Hand logo in almost every zone, including inside Innsmouth Academy and in front of the Fallen King in London? Betcha they’re deliberate. Atenist corpses in Mara’s blood pool? Given who they’re working with, that’s on purpose, for sure. Most other games you’d have to handwave unusual asset usage, but here? Safer to assume it was deliberate, and try to figure out why.

(Goodness, but I am a rambly bastard. If that’s too fiddly to read out in its entirety, a truncated version:
I absolutely adore the attention to detail in Secret World! In particular I’m proud that, the day before Kaidan launched, I was able to puzzle out which “John” among the many was the one who sent us the message in Venice! The clue that tipped me off? The Morninglight tablet profile on him said his favorite color was blue.)