Happy Tentacle Radio's Anniversary Chillout

Come back to the living room! Happy Tentacle Radio is celebrating our 11th year in the community with the HTR Anniversary Chillout!

Join us ingame (SWL) in Agartha near the Mallgartha (The Hallowed Halls) entrance on Sunday, 30 June at 2 PM EDT. Our DJs will have a roundtable chat (sofa chat?), followed by lots of music!

If you have any IC or OOC questions you’d like to ask any of the current DJs, or maybe even questions about past DJs, please feel free to send those our way and we will answer on air.

(Note: while most of our shows are in-character, our anniversary show will have both IC & OOC elements)

Hope to see you all there!



I would love to attend, however that’s at ‘Sparrow-F@rt’ for me :smile:

I will probably be snoring my head off :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope it goes well