The Secret World Music Video

Hi there! I’m Evaline. So since my last video I made for a different game did so well. I decided to finish my next video project which was for the second MMO I played, the Secret World. I played a Dragon who used a sword and chaos magic along with quantum magic. She was pretty awesome. Anyways… I’m going to post the link to the video here since I don’t really know where else to post it. And time to stop rambling. lol


Fixed! New users can’t post links immediately. :slight_smile: I manually updated the level for ya.


Omg thank you thank you thank you! lol I feel dumb. I was looking around the thread like I see all these videos… But it never crossed my mind that that was why. So thank you so much!

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Very nice! A lot of very good scenes chosen, although for me I sometimes found the rapid cuts/fades to be a bit intrusive. Like, I’m just starting to take in a scene and it already fades to the next one. Well done, regardless, thanks for making it!

Thank you. I’ll try to keep that in mind if I make another.

Nice! This was one of our cabal member’s theme song.

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