Secret World fan Music

I recently discovered AI music generation and kinda went crazy writing Secret World inspired songs. I’d love to hear some others creations, human or AI generated!


Back in 2018 we held an award ceremony for SWL (was initially meant for TSW but relaunch happened so SWL it was)
At the same time there was also a 6 year anniversary celebration for the cabal “Beyond The Veil” with @Antida & @Jingi (which later became “Zero Point Pathogen Report”)
I don’t know if the award ceremony or the BTV 6 year celebration event still exist in video form, I know it was broadcast and recorded.

An invitation went out to all in game (via a script link) from a char created in “Madame Roget’s” name using also a twitter page to promote the event.

The character posted to twitter (unknown to BTV at the time) that she had “visions” in dreams and the posts culminated in the eventual invitation being formed from the decoded dreams.
The invitation was in the form of a tarot card and both the award show and BTV celebration were hosted live where this video then premiered.

It relates to your post because the music and tarot card was made by me for BTV - I still have the original full length version and another created (but not yet posted) that was inspired by the music you hear playing as you enter the dungeon “Hell Raised”


I will have to run some Hell Raised with an open ear for the theme your talking about. Very nice song/video!

I was further inspired today to write some Darkness War lyrics…

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Of course… the music from Room 13! :slight_smile:

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Yes!, When you enter Hell Raised there is a guitar playing and it was this guitar playing that inspired the other track I wrote. I never used it for anything but it was just left named as “Inspired by TSW” - Now I have a reason to upload it so I shall do so for this thread. :smiley:

This is the one I meant, I went to capture the intro to include it with the music created.
I heard it many times and one day it got stuck in my head and it then developed into something of its own lol
Never had a reason to post this at any other time so I guess it finally fits here.

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