MEGAversary Warped Songs Contest: Closes 14th July



So it’s here, for the first time in Secret World Legends (to our knowledge). The MEGAversary Warped Songs contest!

This contest will ask for submissions from you, the community, to take a popular song and warp it into something… wonderful! Or something funny and perhaps even hilarious! Take a well know song and subvert the lyrics to fit SWL and it’s theme, it could be anything… from “The Sounds of Violence”, to “Filth Bomb” or “Filth Pools in Kaidan”. It’s for YOU to come up with something that fits the overall melody and structure of a song and just WARP the Be-Gaiazeus out of it!

There will be prizes for First, Second and Third Song which the Organizers of the MEGAversary will provide and possibly a previous cosmetic item which you might not have from Funcom! Woohoo!

Rules of Entry:

Try and keep things within the realms of decency.
Loosely fit the structure and melody of the song.
Have as much fun with it as you can.
Be a bit tasteful, nothing too outrageous!
Only one Submission per account.
Submit your in game name so that if you win prizes can be delivered.

Email to:

The contest is open as of this thread and will run to 14th July 23:59 BST.
It will be judged on or about 15th July 2018, depending on the number of entries.

Winners will be announced here in this thread and on twitter, so let your creativity show, you never know where it will go! Feel the inspiration flow through you and never underestimate the power of the SWL side!

Can you do it, Secret Worlders?!?

The MEGAversary 2018: 29th June - 14th July

Send in your submissions, great prizes on offer!

email to:


Question: Do you need to hand in Lyrics only or do you actually have to sing them?


Just send the text of the modified song, Leogrim.


@HolloPoint Not an official entry… (Jac and I don’t really do contests) but something like this as an example.

Original Song: Ming Tea - “BBC” From Movie “Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery”


Don’t let the prizes leave the building, without you! Uhuh.

Email your Warped song to


Plenty of time to work with a wicked way, a tune to catch and send a prize your way! The Warped songs contest awaits your submissions!


The prizes for the Warped Song MEGAversary Contest are announced!

1st Prize - Equalizer T-Shirt From Funcom, 1 Intricate Fierce Glyph, 30 Future Tech Caches
2nd Prize - Intricate Devastating Glyph, 20 Infernal Caches
3rd Prize - 10 Halloween Caches, 10 Purple Kaidan Keys.

There may be additions to these prizes as well.

Also all winners will be entered into an overall draw for 1st, 2nd, 3d and 4th Prizes in a MEGARaffle! Check out the main MEGAversary thread for details of these prizes.


This ends tomorrow yeah? Oh man I need to submit soon.


Closing in 4 hours folks!