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Hello. My name is Dieugirl, and I recently found out that my Youtube subscribers are REALLY into the Secret World Legends videos I make. I would love to share some of the thumbnail or videos I create but I’m not really sure how. does anyone have any ideas how I can share my creations with you guys?

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Pasting video links directly into a forum post should create a preview:

But it’s entirely possible that you’re not allowed to use the feature with a new account to prevent spamming. @AndyB would be able to answer that :v:

I think you need to make 4 or 5 posts, dieugirl.

Oh. Okay. I’ll have to look around and see what I can contribute to. Thanks all! cant wait to share my videos with you!


Looking forward to seeing them!

Okay, it is currently 9:31PM CST here, so I can only post a few videos for now. I hope you guys enjoy these and I welcome any and all constructive criticism
I start off the first episode as close to my furry persona as possible, even going so far as choosing the Templars due to thier religious affiliation…and I like their message. :stuck_out_tongue:

the dream sequence threw me a tad, but after a bit of troubleshooting, I conquer that puzzle as well. My subscribers react positively as well, which is always a bonus in my book.

This is the second half of the tutorial, (after re-creating my character due to the fact the first mysteriously vanished) as well as covering the 'Tokyo incident ’ The controls are still a bit iffy, but as with all new games it usually takes me a few episodes to work out the kinks.

FINALLY I get to start truely training. Also, one of my subscribers points out a small mistake I made with weapons and placement.

I’ll post more later. I’d like to guage ya’lls reaction to these first 3 first before I post the next batch.

Thank you, and See Yall Later!

oops. Left this alone for too long. heres the rest of the series: Latest SWL episodes

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Thank you very much for posting. :slight_smile:

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I apologize for making two posts, but I thought folks would be interested in the rest of the series as well. I’ll do my best to keep up to date so this one won’t get locked too.

After this episode, the series took a nose dive into adult nature so I started tacking the ‘age restriction’ tag on there just to be safe.

I actually never got around to updateing this episodes thumbnail. Oh well, maybe someday…

My nerves definitely got the best of me during the Beaumont battle. I’m glad I was able to put emotions aside and focus on the battle at hand and the tactics that were (and weren’t) working

I was honestly shocked when I found out the cop who ‘briefed’ us in the 1st episode was working for the secret world too. well, at least shes in the know.

I keep finding myself drawing comparisions to the Altiests(sp?) and the Taliban. maybe its the accents?

Saiid gives me the creeps for some reason.

Note: I’ll do my best to keep this list up to date, but if this one gets locked I’m afraid that’ll be it. I wont make anymore lists to keep myself out of trouble.

as we delve further into the story of egypt, I have a more and more difficult time adjusting to the roaming hordes of both Aten and mutant locusts.
as I post this, I have to admit I’m honestly scared. If this doesnt get enough views, I may have to stop the series all together. I love this series, the story, the characters, the raw edginess…I dont want to give that up.

After defeating the sand dune monster, we find out something big is going down near the city. Once there, we run into another hiccup. On a personal note, these mobs are really getting on my nerves. I never did like hornets anyways. now they’re the size of CARS?!

Second time is the charm I guess…but wait, there’s a THIRD Masters voice? How many demons does this person (or persons) control?!

Third one down…but now theres a FOURTH? Oh good gray-VEEE!
Im really starting to hate this quest.

Finally finished with the so called “Masters Voices” but now we go from ONE hard-to-kill enemy to FOUR?

Ive since figured out what I was doing wrong, so hopefully this is the last video of me failing like a idiots.

FINALLY! I feel like such a idiot for taking 3 EPISODES to finally beat the Aten mob. its like I always say, Im NOT the sharpest arrow in the quiver, but I do EVENTUALLY hit the mark!

I created a ‘ad’ for Facebook and twitter, in order to promote the latest SWL video. I love how it turned out!

Of course, IMHO, nothin’ beats the real thing. I am really eager to get out of that cell, though!

Special thanks to Carlos (creator of Redundant) for Co-commentating for this episode. I laughed way too hard while editing.

delving further into the depths of Al Merayah, we learn just what this beyond ancient town and the beyond ancient Saaid have in common.

This episode was a lot more challenging (even with Discord and the guide) than it looks. I wasnt later until I found ANOTHER guide that gave EXACT instructions on the key code puzzle. Better late than never I suppose.

Wow. honestly, wow. Im still amazed, even watching it back, how I made it through this section. honestly, I have to give credit where its due. God, the guide, and Discord. I couldnt have done this episode without any of them. finally, that KICK! OMG, Im still shocked.

Talk about jumping FROM the frying pan INTO the fire! wow! no ‘soft intro’ like a Blue Mountain, ethier. the game just dunks you headlong into hell! Well, maybe not but it sure does feel like it!

No words, honestly. I cant say anything that hasnt already been said. just amazingly awesome.

I was so excited to do this quest. finally, we were moving up the ranks from scavangers to actual fighters in Atens army? w00t, bring it! the only downside is that Im still not far enough in the quest chain to do the Samhain quest line yet. ah well, maybe next year.

at the time of writing this, this video has only ONE view. awww, I had way to much fun, and continue to have fun, during this event.

Heading back to Egypt, we tackle the next deity that needs our help.

It was difficult to create the image of my avatar turning her head on the horse. fun fact, I had to cut and paste the head from a separate image onto the head of the horse avatar to get than look. thank God for GIMP!

and so we’ve reached the final Sentinel(sp?). even though I cant remember the final detiety, I do remember what we’re supposed to do!

The battle with Akenahatien(sp) was honestly as epic and as challenging as I expected it to be. still, there was a sense of familiarity about it (I think it was spamming the AoE attacks, Im not sure) but in the end, he/it fell just like Beaumont. Im just sorry we didn’t get any ‘resolving’ cutscenes with the sentinels, given how much we learned about them in previous episodes. ah well, off to the next adventure!

No rest for the weary I suppose. Fresh off our battle with Akenathen(sp?) we’re launched into a new adventure involving the Orochi …as well as another familiar face from part 1…

We finally head into Transylvaina in this episode. also, if you’re familiar with my channel, you would know that I had been preparing to have Gallbladder removal Surgery shortly after this episode was recorded. well, the timing for posting became a bit late, so I added the story of the surgery while we make our way to the village tavern.

a bit of a mini-episode this time around, this is just us making our way from cucuecuva(sp?) to Zaha. what should be a short jog ends up being a marathon with a mob after a mob of Werewolves along the way. oh well, as a famous blue hedgehog once said, an adventure’s no fun if it’s too easy, right?

We head from Besiged farmlands to Shadowy Forest in search of the Draculesti and someone named Milosh. along the way, we face even more werewolves. always fun!

My good friend SoulessGamer101 makes a return in this episode. (I apologize in advance for the jokes he makes. He’s still a kid) Also, I learn constant attack isn’t always a good thing when trying to keep the number of enemies your fighting at one.

Back on my own again, I find myself having a serious case of Deja Vu…

Finally, after convincing Octavian to take his ‘rightful place’ (with some help from Emilia) we head on to a new area.

We meet the main baddy at last. well, rather, we SEE her, she doesn’t meet us until later :wink: Im particularly fond of that crouching pose our character does. I dunno why.

I don’t know why I get so nervous about final boss fights. something about them just seems so…monumental. anyways, we confront (and later kick the a*s of) Mara, the vampire queen.

3 years later…
3 years ago, I made a mistake. I deleted my character thinking the journey back to level 50 would be a cakewalk…
its turned into a marathon. but at least I STARTED! Thats the point. you have to START!
Here is the first episode of my Journey back to 50…

Scratch that. link coming when I can get the fudging video to render. ARGH!

Sorry for no thumbnail, but I was just too happy to get this to WORK.


I think it’s only if you press “Solution” that the thread will auto lock.

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Thank you very much. Sorry about making two posts. I’ll do my best to keep this one open.
Next episode should be coming Next Tuesday.

Sorry again for the trouble.


I’m happy to help! There are exceptions, typically all posts will auto-lock after a week of no activity, but just keep the discussion going and you won’t even have to think about it. :smiley_cat:

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Thanks again. I actually just switched browsers (google chrome was being a pain in the rear) so Hopefully now I can keep things rolling.

I moved the newer videos to the first post so they’re easier for folks to find.

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Who? There’s the Atenists (cult of Aten), the Marya (the “good” locals you’re working with), or The Kingdom (Saiid’s bunch, though you never really see many of them).

Ah, Okay. Yeah, the Atenists. Didn’t have the name down pat as I was writing that.

Anyways yeah, the Atenists remind me a lot of the Taliban.

Update: Whew. I have a new video for SWL coming up tomorrow. I’ll post a link here when it goes live at 4 PM CST. I’m editing this post instead of making a new one to not spam my thread.

Okay, so I’ll just keep adding videos to the first post so nobody gets confused… and to keep everything nice and tidy.

Tuesday, March 24, 2:07 PM.

er, SWL didn’t make the lineup this week. sorry guys. Hopefully, I can get some more SWL done next week. for now, my plates full with two newcomers (gotta give the newbies a chance, right?) Iris and the Giant on Wed and Adventure Quest 3D on Tuesday. Actually…I might have time for SWL on Friday? Who knows. so yeah, keep an eye out for updates on the main post!

Monday, March 30, 7:19pm
I’m working on editing the next episode of SWL. It’s slow going since I swore a lot more than I thought. that, and the last episode I posted (episode 21) isn’t doing as well in views as the 1st episode did. If anyone can give me ideas on what I can do to keep the series fresh, I would appreciate it. I’ll even give you a shout-out if you want.

Tuesday, April 7th, 3:11 pm
Thankfully the last episode picked up a few more views near the end of the week (Youtube is a weird place) so the series can continue. I’ll add the video to the list after the video premieres on Wednesday, April 8th, 4:00 pm

Friday April 10 6:26pm
working on some other games and projects, but hopefully, episode 23 does well. I’m honestly wondering what happened to Beaumont after he was betrayed. In episode 23, I’m really glad and proud of how well the bible verse just seemed to FIT. that’s a rarity in my videos. I’ll strive to get more of that in the future.

I really shouldn’t make promises like that because my stupid *ss brain ends up forgetting them anyways. ugh. :unamused:

Wed April 22 2:07pm

Finally got the latest episode of SWL up. While I’m glad to finally have beaten the dune monster, I had forgotten I was fighting for a simple little statue. I was kinda expecting something bigger for such a tough battle. ah well, can’t have everything in life.

Monday, May 4, 6:59 pm
still holding out hope for an episode on Friday, (since I have no video scheduled yet for that day) but I’m not holding my breath. at least I have Tues-Thurs scheduled ahead. Not expecting too much out of this week, but at least Ive carved out some time to sleep. Sometimes I imagine how much I could get done if I didn’t need to flipping SLEEP so much. Ah, such luxuries are not meant for me.

Thursday, May 7th, 6:25 PM
amazingly, I managed to scrape together an episode of SWL for Friday. I might do some side quests too on Caffeine (if there’s any left, that is) and we’ll see what tomorrow brings for next week. these ‘masters voice’ quests are really starting to get on my nerves, though. I hope Ive expressed that well enough in the videos.

Friday, May 15th. 21:21pm
I hope everyone enjoyed the video Wed. I’m honestly grateful to see the end of the master’s voice segment. I’m also thrilled to finally be able to take on the altiest (sp?) guards and take them out. for all the trouble they’ve given me, they sure as heck deserve it!

Saturday, May 23
Testing Testing…
Okay. not sure what this week is going to hold, but now that Ive gotten those irritating 'Master’s Voice’s out of the way, it should be smooth sailing. Should be. Just posting here to keep this thing open. it has garnered the Secret World Legends LP a larger following, so who knows? as long as people keep watching, I’ll keep making them. That’s what Youtube is all about, right?
Why am I asking rhetorical questions? New update coming soon.

Thursday, June 4, 4:33 pm
Sorry for no SWL this week. I’m doing the side quests offline to boost my lvl so I can take out the bandits escorting the Mayan prisoner. As a special treat, I might do an episode for Tuesday, I don’t know. as you may (or may not) know, my plans can change at the drop of a hat.
Stay tuned folks.

Wed June 10, 2:29 pm
Taking some time off of SWL to play offline and try to level up my char a bit. I’m sorry, but 5 episodes of nothing but constant failure kinda took the wind out of my sails for this game. I still enjoy it, don’t get me wrong. just going through a rough patch with it right now.

Sunday, June 14th, 3:16 pm
Still on hiatus, and I don’t have much else to report. I have practiced eliminating the Aten as well as the hornet mobs roaming around, but not much else.

Saturday, June 20th, 1:28 pm
Nothing new. just a quick post to keep the thread open.

Sunday, June 26, 5:44 pm
still haven’t found a way to beat the Aten mob that’s been harassing me since I started this level and it’s driving me crazy. there must be a strategy I’m missing. some weapon or power-up.

Friday, July 3, 4:25 pm
I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to think of this. a (possible) Solution to my Aten mob problem. use the C4 I collected from the Marya’s rebel camp! I need to go to church this morning, so maybe I’ll have a chance to test it out after I get back later today. Ugh, I can be such a massive idiot sometimes…

Sunday, July 5th, 4:00 pm
Still haven’t tried the C4 method yet. I think I’m just scared. Ive lost SO MANY times to those Aten goons I’m scared to record another video of me losing again. but if I do it off-camera, then I’ll have missed my chance! Ive already missed recording 2 crucial cut scenes in Secret World Legends, I don’t want to miss anymore. Ugh. I gotta figure out how to convince myself to just bite the bullet and record…maybe next week I’ll have a bit more backbone.

Sunday, July 12th, 7:15 pm
FINALLY. I finally bit the bullet and did it…I used the C4 like a trap…and it worked! after all those episodes of trying and failing to gun the Aten mob down, the C4 knocked them all down like dominoes! I think I’ll start praying more often just to keep succeeding.

Tuesday, July 14, 4:15 pm
it feels SOOO GOOD to finally post a POSITIVE episode for once! My patience with this game (and myself!) finally pays off. Praise and Thank the Lord for this blessing!

Sunday, August 2, 3:59 pm
Ive been kind of slacking on SWL videos, merely because I recently hit 100 subscribers on the Youtube channel, so Ive been celebrating. Hopefully, with today’s SWL video, I’ll get things back on track. Here’s hoping, anyway.

Monday, August 10, 11:58 am
I don’t know what the energy is that is running through the 31st episode of SWL, but it’s making me pack more into it than ever before. references, sped up shots, even trying something different on the end card. Maybe it’s the Lord working through me. or maybe it’s the fact that my character flipping. HEAD. BUTTED. Saduur! You be the judge.

Saturday, Sept 12, 7:06 pm
woo, it’s been a while. the guide I was using wasn’t quite up to date with the area I was having trouble at, so I turned back to Google to find a different one. As spiritual and honest as I try to be in my videos, I’m like a fish out of water when it comes to logic and reasoning. Maybe that’s the reason I hate Matching games so much. it calls on my weaknesses instead of my strengths.

Wednesday, Sept 16th, 1:57 pm
It seems as I move deeper and deeper into whatever bee is in Egypt’s Bonnet, I find myself struggling against evenly matched or tougher enemies. the Word of God sustains me, but my physical skills just seem to be…lacking. I keep thinking it’s some glyph or signet I’m missing, but this time it turns out to be a flippin’ artifact I just can’t seem to find. How many times must one endure the SAME QUEST before you find what you need? I know I’m not the sharpest arrow in the quiver (as Ive said before) but DANG!

Saturday October 3 12:20pm
Well, it turns out the artifact was removed, and the guides I was following weren’t that up to date. Special thanks to the discord community for helping me figure that out. I guess It doesn’t hurt to ask. Now that ‘Scorched Desert’ is wrapped up (save for a few scattered stray quests) I’m not sure if I’m happy to be starting a new area, or sad to be leaving ‘Scorched Desert’ behind.
If it’s anything like Kingsmoth Town and Blue Mountain, though, I think I’ll be alright.

Sunday, October 4, 12:10 pm
Nothing much to report. just some grammar fixes on the mini-blogs and cleaning up. recorded the latest episode of SWL last night so that should be interesting to edit and post.

Friday, October 23, 11:57 pm
As Halloween draws ever closer, I’m torn between doing a special episode for my channel and a special episode for SWL. Ive never participated in SWL events outside the main story (I even do the side quests off camera) but I might make an exception this year if my original plan falls through. or maybe some combination of the two?

Friday, November 6th, 2020 6:23 pm
Ive been playing a lot more for the Halloween event and Ive gotten a few more trinkets that I couldn’t even imagine getting elsewhere in-game…well, trinkets is a vague word for “sprints, costumes, gloves, etc”. Ive had a blast. sadly, at the time of writing this, the ONE TIME I played the samahain(sp?) event. I’m writing this WHILE live streaming. XD multi-tasking for the win.

Saturday, November 21st, 2020 2:07 pm
Ive recorded two episodes (one of which has already premiered) for SWL. the second, however, might be trickier to edit due to a mysterious pain in my side that has been plaguing me night and day. My family wants me to go to the wellness clinic (sort of like a diluted hospital for minor emergencies) but I want to see my Physician see what’s up. normally I’d take some aspirin (I’m not supposed to take NSAIDS or acetaminophen anyway, but when it comes to pain beggars can’t be choosers) and go about my day, but this pain is a lot different than what Ive had in the past. this has me on the floor on my side just trying to manage. Plus with my main gaming PC on the fritz, editing the videos just got a whole lot more challenging.

Monday, December 14th, 2020 3:00pm
with Christmas right around the corner, the absolute best gift I can give both myself and you guys is the showdown with Akenaten/Aten/The dark god. He did not disappoint. the pain in my side is duller now, but it’s still a concern. a recent doctor visit revealed it’s not my [female organ] so that’s a beautiful relief. PC gaming is running smoothly so far. I still want to take it to a computer repair place to get the fans checked.
This week, we move on from Egypt back to London in the aftermath of the fight.

Saturday, February 27th, 2021 6:43 pm
Good flipping gravy! this is the LONGEST Ive gone without making an update post! I’m amazed this thread is still open! Just out of curiosity, I took a quick count as to how many episodes each ‘Main Bad Guy’ (i.e. Beaumont for starters, Aten for Egypt, and Mara for Transylvania) took to get at LEAST the main story then KO. (at least in Aten’s case. Still not sure on Beaumont and Mara) (also I’m not counting Abdul because he was more of a mini-boss than an actual head honcho.) (also not counting the first three episodes because that was more an introduction to the game than fighting an overarching head honcho)
Beaumont - 13 episodes (episodes 3-17)
Aten (AKA Akenaten/The dark god.) 26 episodes (I think the bulk of those were me trying to best the Aten mob. ugh. still ■■■■■■ me off to think how LONG that took) (episodes 18-43)
Mara - 9. (episodes 44-52)
Yes! NINE EPISODES! this has to be the shortest quest line Ive played in this game so far!
Okay, why the count you ask? I checked the guide and the next episode featuring our beloved Vampire Queen is the FINAL FIGHT! I can’t believe so much information was packed into 3 areas/zones/maps, and 9 episodes! Okay, Dieu. don’t count your vampire chickens before they hatch (yes I talk to myself in the third person sometimes. a habit I picked up from Youtube) I’m not sure how tough Mara is going to be, and I know from a preview of the guide she has some nasty AoE’s and One Hit kills. sounds pretty similar to Aten, now that I think about it. Anyways, I’m off to rest and review my strategy before recording Episode 52 of SWL. wow. this series is getting to be on par with Dragonfable as far as the number of episodes goes. cool!

Saturday March 17 2021 5:48PM.
I wasn’t just lucky…I was blessed! I beat Mara purely by the skin of my teeth! I even followed the guide to the letter and I barely skidded by. I admit I’ve been playing other games besides Nier…er, Secret World Legends, but that’s mainly to recover from Mara. apparently, ALL the enemies I’m facing now are 50+. so, I’m going to put SWL on the backburner for the time being to focus on other games…but it’s not out of the running yet! I’ll still be grinding off-camera, so when I rise above 50, I’ll attempt Elly’s quest again. Ah, such is the life.

Thursday, April 1st, 2021 1:42 PM
I’m quitting Secret World Legends…

Ha, gotcha! come on, you honestly didn’t expect me to try something on April Fools day? For shame! Nah, I’m still grinding, it is just I recently purchased Ergastulum (pronounced Er-gast-tu-lum, according to the developer.) and from what Ive seen so far, it is AWESOME! Ive been playing K Monkey (the developer)'s games for a few years now, and I honestly love her storytelling and art style.

ANYWAYS, I’m still busy with the channel. SWL is still on the roster. everything is fine. (just reassuring any doubters who haven’t panicked and have made it this far)
The only Caveat is Elly is still giving me grief with the end of the storyline…well, it’s not crap, but it’s getting to be just a tad tedious. You beat the baddy (by the skin of my teeth, might I add), and then you have to go through this overarching repetitive ‘clarification’ phase…this time guided by our friendly child phantom, Elly! the only problem is that the enemies are the same flipping level as Martha! and they travel in packs!
Sorry for the rant. been a bit busier than I would like. having a game waiting to be played in the wings purely to progress to the next episode is not my idea of fun.

Sunday April 25th 2021 8:00pm

Sorry for no updates. Ive actually RE-STARTED the entire (yes entire) Secret World Legends game. Fresh start with a new Dieu, and this time playing as Elementish instead of with the AK. honestly, it’s made a world of difference in the game…at least as far as brute force is concerned. still having trouble re-doing all the logic puzzles, but meh…2nd times the charm I guess.

Friday, April 30th, 2021 7:17 pm

still in Kingsmoth. I think I’m going to skip the ending of the ‘white raven’ puzzle (
(something wicked, blurred to prevent spoilers) and move on to other quests. also, as far as upgrading my stuff goes, I think one weapon at a time will be best instead of all at once (i.e. fully upgrade the elementism focus, rings, belts, head talismans, all that fun stuff.

Thursday July 22 2021

Good gravy, I can still edit this thing? Hoo! Ya’ll don’t mess around, do ya?
I’m sorry. that was rude of me. I missed you guys, but I have been INSANELY busy with a new job (customer service rep for the win!) as well as fixing up my ‘beast’ of a computer, other games, the works. I’m sorry this game fell to the wayside. I’m still making my way back to 50…I just honestly lost hope for a while. I wondered if it was even worth clawing my way back. but, with things slowing down on the channel, I figured ‘hey, give it another go!’. so here I am. I’ll be recording a special episode for this years (checks which holiday it is) ‘4th anniversary’ for the game. maybe I’ll get some more goodies to help the claw back thing easier? I dunno. I won’t know until I start recording…so…see you next update!
one failed video later
fudge, I missed it! Im sorry to hear about one of the SWL crew dying too. aw, man. Im sorry. I honestly dont know what else to say. I guess I’ll try again next special event…and keep a closer eye on updates!

Oct 15 2021
Im terrible at keeping up with stuff. I know. even this little mini vlog. so much has been going on IRL, I just haven’t had TIME for anything else. hopefully I can still update. just wanted to dust off this vlog and say that ‘Dieu ain’t dead!’. at least, not yet.

July 14 2023
O. M. G has it been a while! Im so so sorry, everyone. I restarted the character and, with other games and such, personal health issues, AND other things I wont bother to mention at this time, I honestly thought this thread had been locked. I havent even had time to RE INSTALL SWL, let alone play back up to where I was. Im sorry!

September 13 2023
Finally some progress. I logged back in to find that not only had I already restarted my SWL character, but I had already leveled her up to level 16! so, Im continuing my journey back up to 50…the documentation has been put on hold thanks to issues with my ISP. I plan to chop up the recordings to feature scenes that I didnt catch the first time around. Ive already caught the first meeting with Beaumont! (yes, HIS last episode was back in episode 17!) Whee! Im currently level 24, so Progress is progress!

October 28 2023

starting to get hooked on SWL again, and I’m up to level 39. the editor I had been using (Vegas Pro 15) has decided to quit in protest, so I can RECORD, but not EDIT videos. Ive been running a series called ‘Journey back to 50’ on Caffeine, and I WAS planning on highlighting the cutscenes on the channel…until Vegas Pro decided to spontaneously crash every time rendering reaches 39%.
anyways, since I didn’t mention it before the Great Restart, the pain in my side was because my gallbladder needed to be taken out right on NEW YEARS DAY. I swear my doctors have a thing for scheduling major surgeries on new years or something. anyways, Im better now, save for the usual RL hiccups.

November 16 2023
Okay, the very last video Vegas Pro was able to spit out before its crash was the 1st part of the “Journey back to 50” series.
according to analytics, y’all (and my regular viewers) are liking the video. as of this post, I am level 48 on SWL. still trying to get Davinci resolve to work, and the backlog of videos to edit is piling up. I think I’ll run another stream tonight, as usual on Caffeine. I’m also recording these streams so I can edit them down back into the custcene montage (like what you’ve just seen) I should have more than enough for another video, but the story is JUST. SO. GOOD! now I’m back in the ‘City of the Sun God’ area. oh the memories…


If you have to choose… Always SWL


Maybe next year I’ll do a combo of SWL and Psycho…