Templar sending agents to work for the Illuminati?

This doesn’t look right for a mission that a Templar would be involved in. I was hoping the resolved version would help explain it, but…no…it looks like my Templar just aided and abetted the Illuminati.

Bug? Please be a bug.

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Had another similar case.
Apparently the devs like the lumies a lot, even if it’s lore breaking or meta.
This needs fixing.

There’s definitely something wrong here. Now Geary is pleased with how well I helped her fix cameras. Making Geary happy is against my orders!

Templar missions for Templars, plz!


Sounds like a feature to stop using, then.

Couldn’t you just stop doing the missions that mention helping the other secret societies?

I’m just thinking of it as deep cover :slight_smile: I think Geary is buying it, and Bong Cha is keeping her head down…

This sort of thing was not really intended and we can look into making some changes on what missions spawn for you depending on your faction.