I seem to be getting the same 6 or 7 missions over and over in Agent System


Given that they spoke of there being hundreds of missions written up why is this the case? Is there something I am missing?


I agree, i almost always see the same missions.


Yeah I’m getting a few repetitive missions. I think we’ll unlock more variety like Tier 2 missions once we get an Agent to level 13. There’s 5 tiers of missions, so for now I guess we’ll just have to click away till agent lvl 13.


Repetitive? The whole thing is repetitive regardless of how many missions. I haven’t read any of the mission text at all and at low levels the bonuses aren’t really worth going after so I don’t even bother looking at the bonus traits. I just pick which mission fits the time-frame I’m looking for at the time to optimize xp/hour gain.


What he said :stuck_out_tongue:


I have been reading the mission reports, that is what is so frustrating, we were promised lore expansion this is just the same 6 missions over and over and over. There really needs to be more than 6 active quests on tier 1


What surprised me was that on my Templar, I was getting agent missions that lore-wise, seemed appropriate for Illuminati agents (NY camera,KG approves). I guess faction rivalries and differences mean nothing now, and that sucks.


Yeah i’m getting really fed up of all that KG love, i hate her and i don’t want to run stuff for her since she’s the enemy of my faction.
Just the same i have an agent that hates the dragon… running errends for the dragon.
It makes no sense.

The game considers you play illuminati.
Which appears to be FC’s favorite (SWL trailer with lots of illuminati signs, poll votes reflecting how much they like the faction), personnally i can’t stand their absence of ethics and satanistic rites, they essentially choke out money and liberty out of people and are legit boogeymans.


Having a dragon character rat out a dragon to the lumies makes no sense. Either make missions faction specific or faction neutral.


All according to the Dragon’s plan.


We’re pretty renowned for nonsensical diversions, so keep thinking “it doesn’t make sense.” We’ll update our models accordingly.


My biggest gripe to this new feature is it feels totally disconnected to SWL game. I don’t need to get my agents immediatelly, I am quite patient person. I don’t need these little bonuses. I am not minmazer. I enjoy Secret World game world, its lore and atmosphere. Sadly nothing of it in Agent system. The stories behind the agent missions are pretty generic and repetitive. I know… sometimes later, when I will have more agents there will be maybe few more interesting. But I am not sure what would motivate me to enjoy this feature. As someone before me mentioned, if this would be standalone phone/fb game, I would probably uninstall it quickly. There is nothing what would keep me excited/addicted. Sorry guys. Maybe the idea behind this is not bad, but execution is pretty questionable.

And most sadly. There is nothing what would connect this to actual game world. It is very disconnected experience.

EDIT: And with very low drop rate which keeps most players own the first agent alone for quite a long time, I think it was pretty bad design idea to make it generic faction recruit. As the whole system feels very generic, repetitive and disconnected, it would be far better to have for this initial stage 3 faction specific agents with real names and back stories (but same statistics for all). It would help lack of immersion at least somehow…


This is a pretty standard feature in mmorpgs, so while it is disconnected from the game, it’s just something in to be in addition to, or not be important to the overarching story itself. WoW has garrison, FFXIV has Squadron, BDO has workers, and SWL has Agents.


Yes, I know. But it is not argument imho. What I have loved in TSW/SWL was how it is or was somehow a little bit different.


Fair enough, but it’s something different in the same genre.


I get what you are saying, but one of the main features of the Secret World is the factions working against each other, not heard from any Templars when it comes to the security Cam feature, and maybe, just maybe the Dragon had a reason for handing over that agent, it wouldn’t surprise me at all, but the Templars would have used that opportunity to piss the Illumanati off just because they could. I have no issue with the system per say, although the drop rate is way to low, I have two additional agents and both of those are from booster packs. My issue is that the missions need to be more varied and they need to make sense within the broader lore, which frankly they don’t always do. Having something new is not a good thing if that something new detracts from the game itself. The system has potential, it really does.