Agent mission showing for the wrong faction

Tier 5 mission Babylonians is clearly a Templar mission, but it’s showing up on my Illuminati.

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No, gross. :dansgame:

Another Tier 5 mission, Return of the Ripper, is also a Templar mission showing on my Illuminati.

I too got Babylonians despite being Illuminati!! I wonder if Templars are getting the Illuminati :diamonds:5 ?

Meanwhile, Dragon players don’t care, hahaha! Let me spread the chaos and order my agent to do work for everyone so as to get dirt on the other factions.


Yeah!! lets remove another mission from the mission set!


A similar thread was on the SWL reddit page. Andy, the community manager, replied there that there are plans to fix the illogical agent missions for other factions or against your own.
Didnt give a timeframe though, see

That post is from 19 days ago. The patch that supposedly fixed this came out a few days ago. This post is about the ones that FC missed.

  • Agent missions with faction specific text will now only appear for players of the appropriate faction.

So the timeline was… 4 days ago. Yet, not all were fixed.